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Stack #164955

cvcc pharmacology nur 104 PARENTERAL CALCULATIONS

1. Your patient's finger stick blood sugar at 0730 is 225. An order from the MARS reads:…..Novolin R insulin ac and HS per sliding scale:….(0-150 mg/dl ….. 0 units)(151-250 mg/dl ……. 8 units)(251-350 mg/dl …… 14 units)(351-400 mg/dl ……18 untits)(>400 1. Give 8 units
2. Order reads: Morphine sulfate gr. 1/8 Label reads: Morphine sulfate 10 mg per mL……. How many mL will you give?^ 2. Give 0.75 mL
3. Order: Atropine 0.3 mg IM now…… Label: Atropine 400 mcg/mL How many mL would be administered?^ 3. Give 0.75 mL
4. Order reads: Phenobarbital gr ii IM q3h……. Label reads: Phenobarbital 130 mg per Ml……… Administer _________ mL^ 4. Give 0.92 mL
5. Order: Codeine gr 1/4 IM q4h prn… Codeine 30 mg per mL is on hand in a single dose Carpojet syringe….. How many mL would you have to waste? How many mL would you administer?^ 5. Waste 0.5 mL; Give 0.5 mL
6. Order: Digoxin 0.25 mg IM qd. Supply: Digoxin 500 mcg per mL… Give _____________ mL 6. Give 0.5 mL
7. Order: Promethazine 50 mg IM stat for restlessness….. The ampoule is labeled 25 mg per mL Give ____________ ml. 7. Give 2 mL
8. Order: Morphine sulfate 4 mg IV push q6h prn for pain….. Label reads: Morphine sulfate 10 mg per mL…. Give: ____________ mL. 8. Give 0.4 mL
9. Order: Heparin 6000 units sc q 12 h….. Label: Heparin sodium injection 10,000 U per mL…. Give ________ mL 9. Give 0.6 mL
10. Order: Penicillin G 200,000 units IM q8h….. Label: Penicillin G 250,000 U/mL……. Give ________mL 10. Give 0.8 mL
11. On the following drug label, identify the routes for administration for which this preparation can be used. …….. Ampicillin 1g for injection, USP for IM or IV use Rx only. 11. IM or IV use
12. After reconstitution with 2.5 mL diluent, the strength of the Kefzol solution is 330 mg/ mL. …… To administer a dose of 500 mg, how many mL would you give? 12. Give 1.5 mL
13. Order: Chloromycetin 800 mg IV q8h……. The vial reads: 1g per mL. How many cc would you give? 13. Give 0.8 mL
14. Order: Tigan 0.2 g IM q6h prn for nausea……. Label reads: Tigan 100 mg per mL……… Give: _______ mL 14. Give 2 mL
15. Order: Ampicillin 125 mg IM q4h Supply: A powder form of medication. The directions for reconstitution read: "add 1.8 mL Sterile Water for Injection to yield 250 mg/ mL"…….. How many mL would you draw up in the syringe t 15. Give 1/2 mL
16. Order: Add 30 mEq Potassium Chloride to 1000 cc NS……. Supply: KCl 2 mEq/ mL How many cc would you add to the bag of NS? 16. Add 15 mL
17. Order: Compazine 7.5 mg IM q6h prn for nausea or vomiting…….. Label reads: Compazine 10 mL multi-dose vial 5 mg/mL………. Give: _________mL 17. Give 1.5 mL
18. Order: Codeine gr i IM q4h for pain……… Label: Codeine 50 mg per 2 mL……… How many cc would be administered? 18. Give 2.4 mL
19. Order: Vitamin B 12 1 mg IM monthly for pernicious anemia………. Supply: Vitamin B 12 1000 mcg per mL……… Give ________ mL 19. Give 1 mL
20. Order: Novolin N NPH insulin U-100 32 units and Novolin R insulin U-100 4 units ac breakfast daily………. Give: ___________ units total 20. Give 36 units total
Created by: cknoll