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Lab equipment

A brief overview of equipment in the lab and their uses

Hot Water Bath Heating.
Triple Beam Balance Measures mass in grams (also a cool band name)
Touch Mixture (finger woohoo) Mixes Materials
Éppendorf tube Holds/measures input (also really pisses off spellcheck)
Pipette (turkey baster basically) Transfers liquid
Test tube Holds solids and liquids
Graduated cylinder (different from drop out cylinder) Precisely measures liquids
Beakers (that shit you see in Breaking Bad Holds solids/liquids
Glass stirring rod Stirs not porus
Mortor&Pestle Grinds/crushed material
Rubber stopper Stops material
Lab oven Incbates
Fume head Sucks in and ventilates dangerous vapors (like smoke, don't smoke kids)
Centrifuge Separates material
Butane torch Heating/burning materials
Polymerase Chain Reactor Replicates DNA
Electrophrasis chamber Separates DNA
Petri Dish
Created by: Austin Bennett