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Scientific Methoid

problem/question deavelop a question or a problem that can be solved through a experiment
Reobservatoins/research a sceintist makes obsevations and or reasearches his topic of interest
hypothosis after doing reaserch you formulate a sceitific guess (every hypothesis has an if/then statement)
experiment in order to test your hypothesis you need good diretions and a list of iteams very detailed materials list
collect and analyze results Collect and analyze your results during this step review and modify the experiment of needed
conclusion after looking at your data and information from your experiment to make a conclusion you will make recomendations for further studys and results
communicate results scientists share their results with a variety of people (can be done at any stage not always at the end)
procedure 1.the step by step instrustions that tell how the expeiment is done 2.you need to be clear that another sceintists can repeat your experiment
constants 1.the factors that stay the same in the experiment 2.important to have so you know what made the the change or caused the outcome
dependant variable 1.the variable that may change in the result of your experiment 2. the sceintist does not purposely change it
independant varible 1.the varible in a ecperiment is when you purposefully change 2.you change it to see what will happen
conclusion 1.the part of experiment is when the sceintists final thoughts aka answer
controll 1 how you change and own the subject
hypothesis 1.an educated guess 2. what will happen/the outcome 3.ussauly written as a if/then statement
Created by: Jose.Alcantara