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Reading Vocab

week of septembr 3rd vocabulary words for reading

Surrender To give oneself over
Surcharge An additional charge, tax, or cost
Surface Upper most or outer most area ; top layer
Surfeit Over indulgence in eating or drinking ; an excessive amount
Surmise To guess or infer without certain evidence
Surveillance A watch kept over someone or something
Surplus An amount greater than needed
Subconscious Under the conscious mind
Subsequent Occurring later ; following
Subservient Excessively submissive
Subsidiary Secondary
Substantiate To establish by proof
Subvert To overthrow something ; such as a government ; to cause ruin of
Subsistence A means of supporting life
Amble Able to walk
Ambiance/ Ambience The mood or atmosphere of a place or situation
Ambidextrous Able use of both hands equally well
Ambiguous Having 2 or more possible meanings
Ambivalent Fluctuating between 2 choices ; having opposite feelings
Ambulatory Capable of walking
Ambition Strong desire for fame or power
Diameter From one outside point to another ; through the center
Diagnosis Determination of the cause of medical symptoms ; finding the cause of a problem
Diametrical Opposite extremes
Diatribe A bitter abusive, criticism
Dialect A distinct variety of language that differs from the standard
Diagonal An oblique or slanting line connecting opposite corners or angles
Created by: AmandaFizzy14