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5 Senses


About how many tastes buds do you have? 10,000
What part of the tongue are sweets tasted? Front
What tuypes of tastes are tasted on the sides of the tongue? Sour
What other sense does the sense of taste work with? Smell
What are the four traditional tastes? sweet, sour, salty, and bitter
What travels through the air and floats up the nostrils? Tiny molecules
What recognizes the smell and stores it to memory? Brain
What detects different smells? Olfactory Nerves
What type of gas is odorless, but usually has a rotten egg smell added? Natural Gas
Why was the sense of smell especially important to peopl in ancient times? Warn them of danger
What's the largest organ in the body? Skin
What has letters represneted by a pattern of raised dots that are read by touch? Braille
What is the first layer of the skin? Epidermis
What is the part of the eye called that allows light to enter? Pupil
What is it called when you can see letters on an eye chart from 20 feet away as well as any person with normal vision can see them? 20/20 vision
What is the tough, clear covering around the iris and pupil called? Cornea
What is the nerve that sends the picture to the brain? Optic nerve
What is the outer part of the ear called? Pinna
What is at the end of the auditory canal that vibrates when it is hit by sound waves? Eardrum
What is the nerve that carries the messages tot he brain? Auditory nerve
What are the three small bones that the eardrum vibrates? Hammer, anvil and stirrup
What is the inner part of the ear that looks like a snail and is filled with liquid? Cochlea
How many pounds of skin are shed during an average lifetime? 100 pounds
Created by: jill.wehlander