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Crim Law 14-15

Purpose/functions of corrections 1.Rehabilitation 2. Restitution 3. Deterrence 4. Incapacitation
Subpoena Court order to appear in court
Discovery of evidence Pretrial process of exchanging information between the opposing sides
Due process of law Fair procedure of legal system
Probation Supervised release from jail
Indeterminate sentence Sentence that is stated as a minimum and maximum term
Amendment 6 Trial by jury
Number of jurors on a federal court 12
A 1038 US Supreme Court decision provided what for individuals involved in federal felony cases? A lawyer at no charge for those who could not afford one
What is the purpose of incapacitation in sentencing? To remove the offender from society to protect society
Amendment 8 Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment
Number of states with a death penalty 48
Suspended sentence A sentence issued by the court but not actually served-the individual is released by the court with no conditions attached
Definite imprisonment If you have a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, you can't get out for good behavior
Restitution Money ordered to be paid
Job of parole board Decides if inmate has been rehabilitated or changed
Immunity Grants freedom from prosecution of a particular crime for life
Contempt of court Any act to embarrass, hinder, or obstruct the court in the administration of justice
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