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MUS 202 (WA Quiz)

West African Music Quiz

3 Lens 1. Musical 2. Social 3. Cultural
Antimemitonic Gapped Scale
Acoustic Ecology A field of study which observes the relationships between organisms and their enviroment
Aesthetic Preterence
Agrarian Societies that produce their own food through agriculture, or farming - often these same societies domesticate animals as well
Canon Accepted group or body of related works
Fauna Animals
Flora Plants
Form How the music arranged in regard to the organization of the first three elements; (Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony)
Free Rhythm Patterns of regular recurrence (Rhythms) unmeasured in a larger framework (no meter)
Frequency Sound Waves passing throuhg air and vibrating at different speeds
Genre A category characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter
Harmony The simultaneous sounding of two pitches to create a combined sound
Heterophonic When two or more voices sing the same melody with embellishments of elaboration
Homophonic A principal melodic line is supported by an underlying harmony
Industrial Societies that rely on a few specialized individuals who utlize machinery to derive food from large farms
Interval The distance between two pitches
Macrocosm The larger part of a complex structure or system (Sections in Music)
Melody A sequence of notes that produces a musical idea
Melodic contour The direction of melodic line
Metrical Rhythm Patterns of regular recurrence (rhythms) are measured in a larger recurring framework(meter)
Microcosm A subdivision of a larger structure that captures its characteristic features. (Phrase in Music)
Monophic A single melodic line-this can be in unison with several voices or one person singing alone , but the same pitch is sung without underlying harmony
Music Culture A group's total involvement with music; this includes ideas, actions, institutions, and material objects
Musical Affect The resulting feeling a listener has upon hearing when it is produced
Musical Analysis The study of how music is structured
Musical Community The composers, performers, and audience and how they create, produce, and react to that music
Music-Subcultures Small group within a music culture. Often contains very specific rituals and traditions
Nomadic Traveling without a permanent habitat
Polymeter More than one meter occurs simultaneously
Polyphonic When two distinct and separate melodies are performed simultaneously
Polyrhythm When several different patterns of regular recurrence, or rhythms, occur simultaneously
Pitches Frequencies organized into specific tones on a scale of low to high
Repetory A collection of music that has a defined set of traditions and performance practice
Rhythm The patterned recurrence of events
Ritual Actions governed by a larger social tradition
Scale A collection of pitches ascending or descending according to a specified scheme of intervals
Soundscape The sounds which make up an environment
Text Words that are set to music
Texture The way harmony interacts with melody and is organized in the overall musical structure
Timbre The character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity
Age of Imperialism A period beginning in the 17th century when modernized European countries began to exploit less militaristically advanced countries
AOF - Afrique Occidentale Francaise The French term for the Federation of French West Africa
Balakononifin Traditional fold song from Mali ("Little Black Bird of the River")
Bolon Similar in appearance to a hunter's bow, and the oldest of the harp instruments in West Africa, consisting of 3-4 strings with a curved neck
Calabash Harps String instruments built around a calabash gourd as a resonating body, and found in many West African hunting societies
Fina Professional artisan class in Mande society dedicated to reciting the Quran
Fodeba Keita Founder of Les Ballets Africans
Garange Professional artisan class in Mande society dedicated to leatherworking and pottery
Griot French term for Jeli
Heotatonic Scale Seven Note Scale
Indigenous Characteristic of and/or originating in a particular country
Jeli Musicians/Storytellers in Mande society
Les Ballets Africans Group formed by Fodeba Keita which presented traditional African music in multimedia performances incorporating music, dance, and drama
Mande Term used to refer to people of West Africa in the region formerly part of the Mali Empire
Numu Professional artisan of class of blacksmiths and sculptors in Mande society
Nyama The word for spirit in Mande society
Nyamakala The four classes of hereditary professional artisans in Mande society
The four classes of Mande Society 1. Numu 2. Garange 3. Jeli 4. Fina
Oral Tradition Music and Musical performance are passed down from generation to generation via word of mouth
Quran (Koran) The Islamic Holy Scripture
Simbi Member of the harp family of West African Instruments
Simbon Mande word for Master Hunter
Social Stratification The Social Organization of groups of people into a set heirarchy
Tumbuktu Major city and commercial hub in the eastern part of the Mali Empire
Tranatlantic Slave Trade A massive economic operation which resulted in the forced recolation of over 12 million Africans to the New World
Su Fle Whistle used by hunter's as a long distance signal for danger
Sundjata Emperor of Mali" Empire
What are the ways of "Keeping Records" Religion Houses Oral Tradition
Jeli Individuals in a powerful medial position between the human world & spirit world (Nyama)
Bala Musical Instruments played by Jeli
Portugese Came to the land
Kuma Speech
Donkili Song
Foli Instrumental Performances
What are the three Jeliya? Kuma Donkili Foli
What religion heavily influenced West African Culture? Islamic
Freedom Villages (Horon) Not a part of "specific" society. "Lower Class"
Ladji Camaro Jeli (Master Drummer) - Stayed in the US teaching traditional African Music
D'jembe (Jembe) Drum
Dun-Dun Barrel Drum
Kassa Harvest Dance (Steady Beat/Rhythm)
Afro-Pop A broad term assigned to any genre combines traditional African music with global popular musical styles
Duple Rhythmic grouping based on 2
Jelimuso A female Jeli
Kandia Kouyate Jelimuso who performs on kora and sings
Lunga "Talking Drum"
Membranophone A drum, or instrument possessing the characteristics of a drum
Meter Measured rhythm organized into larger groupings divided by bar lines
Motive A short musical idea which recurs thought a musical work
Oratorical Relating to the art or practice of a public speaking
Percussion Any instrument that is struck, shaken, or scraped to produce a sound
Ternary Rhythmic grouping based on 3
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