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Latin Collins Unit 1

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

aqua, aquae water
cena, cenae supper, dinner
culpa, culpae blame, fault
doctrina, doctrinae teaching, doctrine
ecclesia, ecclesiae church, assembly
familia, familiae household, family
gloria, gloriae glory
gratia, gratiae grace, favor
hora, horae hour
missa, missae Mass
natura, naturae nature
papa, papae pope
terra, terrae earth, land, ground
vita, vitae life
a, ab, abs from, away from
ad to, toward, for, at
coram in the presence of
cum with
de from, down from; about, concerning
e, ex from, out of
et and, even, too
et ... et both ... and
in (+acc) into, onto against, for
in (+abl) in, on, among, by means of, with
pro in front of, in behalf of, for, instead of, on behalf of
-que and
sine without
super (+acc) above, upon, over
super (+abl) about, concerning
nominative subject
genetive possession
dative indirect object
accusitive direct object
ablative separation, motion away, manner, location
aqua- aquatic
pro- progress
culpa- culpable
cena- cenacle
ad- admit
ex- exit, excerpt
sine- sinecure
super- supercede
cum- commit
missa- missal
familia- familiar
ecclesia- ecclesiastical
gratia- gracious
natura- Natural
gloria- glorious
terra- terrarium
Created by: ritacate