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old yeller vocab 2


astride one leg on either side of something.
careened to lurch or twist from one side to another while moving rapidly.
clamoring a loud noise or outcry as a protest
embedded to become tightly fixed in between something.
hauling to pull or push to move or transport items
heave to hurl or lift with force
hydrophobia an often deadly disease they attacks the nervous system and is transmitted by the bite of infected animal
knoll a small, round hill.
liable legally or rightfully responsible.
lunge a sudden forward movement.
marrow the soft tissue that fills the inside of the bones
nub a small piece, worn down.
poulitice a mashed mixed of something that gives relief from an ache or pain
pounced to spring into an attack on someone or something.
riled to make angry
shiftless to be lacking in ambition, or motivation.
spasms an involuntary muscle contraction.
sumptuous suggesting a great, largish event
Created by: kara.vines1007