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Crim Law 11

Entrapment Defendant admits committing a crime but claims that he/she was induced, or persuaded to commit the crime by a law enforcement officer
DNA Biological evidence
Duress A person does something as a result of coercion or a threat of immediate danger to life or personal safety
Necessity Compelled to react to a situation that is unavoidable in order to protect life
Only used in 1% of Criminal Cases Insanity plea
In what situations is an individual not held responsible for a criminal act they committed? Infancy-under specified age, intoxicated, insane, entrapment, duress, necessity
Type of plea successful only in 1 of 4 cases Pleading insanity
Under 7 Infancy exception, would go to juvenile facility & held until 18 yrs. old
Ways to show someone is insane 1.Can't tell right from wrong,2.Only works if defendant is insane when crime was committed,3.defense must prove evidense of mental disease,4. Psychiatrists testimony for both sides
Intoxication Too drunk or high on drugs, they didn't know what they were doing
When is a crime excusible or justifiable? 1.In self defense,2.defense of property,3.defense of others
Infancy Those under a certain age are incapable of crime in the eyes of the law
Insane Based on premise that defendant can not be held responsible for their actions/shouldn't be punished like ordinary criminals
Alibi Evidence defendant was somewhere else at time of crime
Exclusionary rule A legal rule that generally prohibits the use of illegally obtained evidence against the defendant at trial
Affidavit Written statement of facts sworn to or made under oath before someone authorized to administer an oath
Entrapment Act by law enforcement officers to persuade a person to commit a crime that they would not otherwise commit
Arrest Taking of a person into custody
Necessity Reaction to a situation that is unavoidable in order to protect life
Consent Voluntary agreement to questioning, person's permission to search
Duress Act as a result of coercion
Motive Reason a person commits a crime
Elements Factors that make an act a crime
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