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Crim Law 9-10

CDC center for Disease Control and Prevention
Noncriminal homicide Killing that is justifiable or excusable Example: killing enemy soldier during war, executioner killing a condemned prisoner
Assault Any attempt or threat to carry out a physical attack upon another person
Battery Unlawful physical contact inflicted by one person upon another without consent
Burglary Unauthorized entry into any structure with the intent to commit a crime
Malice The intent to kill or seriously harm another person or acting in an extremely reckless manner showing lack of regard for human life
First-degree murder Premeditated deliberate with malice
Felony murder Any killing that takes place during commission of certain felonies- Example: arson, rape, robbery, burglary
First degree murder Premeditated killing with malice
2nd Degree murder Killing done with malice but not premeditated
Voluntary manslaughter Killing that would otherwise be murder, but occurs after victim does something to killer causing killer to lose self-control
Negligent homicide Death caused by criminal negligence
Negligence Failure to exercise a reasonable amount of care in a situation that causes harm
Involuntary manslaughter Killing in which there was no intent to kill
Acquaintance Rape (Date Rape) Sexual assault by someone known to the victim
Sexual assault Assault that can include, *rape or attempted rape, *verbal threats, *unwanted sexual contact
Rape Sexual intercourse without consent
Statutory rape Sexual intercourse with someone who has not reached legal age of consent
Legal age of consent in most states 16
Homicide Killing of one human being by another-most serious of all acts
Arson The destruction of another person's property by fire
Vandalism "Malicious mischief", willful destruction or damage to someone's property
Larceny Unlawful taking of another person's property Example: shoplifting
Petty larceny Charge when item stolen is less than $100
Grand larceny Charge when item stolen is worth more than $100
Shoplifting Form of larceny-Taking items from a store without paying
Concealment Crime of attempted shoplifting
Embezzlement Taking of money or property by a person to whom it has been entrusted
Robbery Unlawful taking of property directly from someone by force or intimidation
Forgery The act of making a fake document or altering a real one with the intent to commit fraud
Uttering Offering to sell someone a document known to be fake (Example-land deed)
UUV Unauthorized use of a vehicle
Carjacking Using force or intimidation to steal a car from a driver
Computer Crime Unauthorized acquisition of information through the use of a computer
Incarceration Imprisonment for a crime
UUV Unauthorized Use of Vehicle
Accessory before the fact One who encourages, orders, or helps plan a crime
Which law allows the government to prosecute computer hackers? Computer Fraud and Abuse Act-1986
Law that makes it illegal to threaten to cause damage to a computer system unless owner gives something of value National Information Infrastructure Act-1996
Suicide Deliberate taking of one's own life
Extortion Blackmail-use threats to obtain property of another
Statutory Rape Intercourse between an adult and a minor
Receiving stolen property (always a crime)receiving or buying property that you know or have reason to believe is stolen
Is the attempt of suicide a crime? Yes
Who is permitted to commit noncriminal homicides? Soldiers, police, executioners
When can a non-criminal homocide occur? When it is justifiable or excusable and the killing is deemed faultless,Example:self defense, war, military
Which age group commits more suicides than any other age group? The elderly
Most common internet crime Transmission of obscene images, videos, and sound
Cracker Criminal hacker who seeks to make money from breaking into computers
Criminal negligence Failure to exercise reasonable or ordinary care, thereby causing harm to someone
Elements Conditions that make an act unlawful
Stalking When person repeatedly follows or harasses another person and makes threats, causing victim to fear death or bodily injury
Most common form of negligent homicide Vehicular homicide
Hacker Someone who gains illegal access to a closed/protected computer system
Computer crime Any violation of criminal law that involves the use of computer technology to commit the prohibited act
What did the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000 require all public libraries to do with their computer system? Install filter programs
Created by: sudokken
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