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Crim Law 8

Motive Reason for performing the act
Strict liability Legal responsibility for damage or injury even if you are not negligent
Felony Crime with penalty of more than one year
Principal Person who commits a crime
Accomplice Someone who helps principal commit a crime
Accessory before the fact Person who helps plan a crime, but is not present when it is committed
Accessory after the fact A person who helps the principal avoid capture or helps them escape, and does know a crime was committed
Crime of omission Failing to perform an act required by criminal law when physically able to perform the required act
Solicitation Act of asking a person to commit a crime
Attempt When someone performs all the elements of a crime but fails to achieve the criminal result
Conspiracy Agreement between two or more people to commit a crime
Act Something that may have legal consequences-usually includes a guilty state of mind
Intent With purpose - you ment to do it
Overt An act that is open to view
Principal Person who commits a crime
Suicide Deliberate taking of one's own life
Stalking When a person repeatedly follows or harasses another person and makes threats, causing the victim to fear death or bodily injury
One of the leading causes of death among teenagers. Suicide---one teenager succeeds in killing himself every 15 minutes
Guilty state of mind Prohibited act was done intentionally, knowingly, or willfully
Two elements that must be met before something is considered a crime Act, intent
What is responsible for the rise in crime? A combination of factors
Misdemeanor A criminal act with the maximum penalty of less than one year in prison
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