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as imbue; drain or pale or fade

brick; clay as candle paraffin
abstain;indulge as imbue;( to inspire) to refrain from sth by one's own choice drain( pale or Fade) felt his enthusiasm draining.
acrophobia;height as pyrophobia fire
add;subtract; multiply divide
adroit;clever as urge; desire
advocate;support as mediator arbitrate
aficionado;follower as zealot A fanatically committed person.) enthusiast( fanatic)
air;nitrogen as smog hydrocarbons
alliteration; repetition as oxymoron contradiction
ant ;insect as barracuda fish
ant ;insect as scorpion arthropod
area;circle as length line
arrival;gather as departure disperse
astrologer;astronomy as alchemist chemistry
athlete; agile( ease of movement) as line straight
author;prolific as soil; fertile
auto;vehicle as transport movement
bacteria;pneumonia as virus influenza
banana;peel as bread crust(slice, crust is better answer)
bell ;chimes as telephone rings
blacksmith;anvil as barber: One that forges and shapes iron with an anvil and hammer. razor
blew ;blue or(bleu) as gored : gourd
blow ; glass as thrash ; wheat
bone ;horse as cartilage ; shark
breeze ;gale as dispute altercation (I had an altercation with the conductor.)
cake;recipe as dress pattern
calculus; trigonometry as painting ; sculpture
caliper ;thickness as odometer distance
camera;shutter as window pane
candid;guarded as frank( he was quite frank with me) truthful and straightforward e.g. his responses were remarkably candid wary
canoe; sailboat as iron copper
captain;shoal as soldier ambush
carrot ; potato as lettuce parsley
cat ; feline as cow bovine
cavern;depth as gem luster
chef;gourmet as zealot enthusiast
child; person as sapling tree
chlorine ;bromine as sodium potasium
clumsy(difficult to handle or use); agility(able to think and understand quickly): as ignorance knowledge
coarse;silky as banal extraordinary or profound
cobbler;shoes as cartographer maps
colonnades; supportive as windowpanes reflective
colonel;kernel as bear; bare are homonyms ; are pronounced the same ex meet and meat
color; hue as sound pitch( quality of sound)
combine ; harvest as centrifuge separate
color; hue as sound wavelength
concise; ambiguous as arrogant humble ( having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance)
conductor ;lead as chorus ; support
conductor ; orchestra as coach team
convivial ; reclusive as stormy placid
contest ; reference as dispute peoples compete, argue arbiter ( arbitrator)
copious ; abundant as superfluous ss unnecessary
copper head; snake as mandrill monkey
cornucopia; plenty as scales ssm justice
cottage(small village near a birch ); skyscraper( tall continues habitat buildings) as village metropolis ( capital , country)
county; state as foundation house
cover ;book as facade( face of building) building
curb; street as verse poem
daunt ( make someone feel intimidated) ;courage as fluster(make (someone) agitated or confused: you need to be able to work under pressure and not get flustered.some peoples are daunted by technology. calm
democracy ;choice as factory production
desert ;arise as forest humid
discree( careful and circumspect in one's speech ) prudent showing care and thought for the future) as wary cautious
drama; ballad as editorial article
dusk( darker stage of twilight ; dawn ( first appearance of light in the sky) as ebbthe movement of the tide out to sea: ) flow
embellish ;greed as content average( modest)
emperor ; reign( hold royal office) as president term
emu; dado as elephant mammoth
engraving ;printing as calligraphy handwriting
epicure ; gourmet as aficionado enthusiast
epicurean; ancient as sensualist a person devoted to physical, esp. sexual, pleasure), philosophical doctrine of present time contemporary
equilibrium ; stability as vertigo dizziness
evil; live as tide edit, mixed to give edit just exactly are the letters in evil to give live from back forwards,,,,,,wrong answer diet ,,,,
expand ; reduce as loosen tighten
facet ;diamond as period era ( long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic)
family ; parent as automobile engine
farm ; farmer as sweater overcoat
fat;fur as sweater overcoat
fat;oil as steroid cholesterol
fiber ; carpet as note sonata
field ;fallow as volcano dormant
fire; ashes as event memories
flag;emblem as gravity force
flour;bread as lumber house
flow ;stream as cascade ( a small waterfall typically one of several) waterfall
food; pantry( a small room wc foods are kept) as birds aerie or habitat
galvanize; metal as glaze ceramic
game;tournament ( peoples competition of games )as song ; medley( a varied mixture of people or things or collection of musical items)
gaudy ; flashyostentatiously attractive or impressive) as imperative(vital important ) requisite
generic;trademark as pedestrian motorist
glider( aircraft designed to fly w out an engine); engine as improvisation ( a piece of music or drama created w out preparation) script
gold; silver or platinum as neon helium
gorgeous ; pretty as penurious poor
greeting ; congenial as diatribe( forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something:) bitter
hammer ;saw as pencil eraser( scissors)
head ;pillow as foot ottoman
headline ;newspaper as epitaph a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died,) tombstone, gravestone, are usually stone placed over the grave.
heat; singe(burn (something) superficially or lightly) as ice or cold frost or freeze
heir (a person legally entitled to the property ) ; estate( property) as offspring or progeny genes
hero ; courage as teacher knowledge
hoe; spade as spatula spoon
horse; stable(A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept ) as airplane hangar( a large building with extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft.)
hyacinth; flower as pollen allergen
impassive(not feeling or showing emotion;) stolid as minute tiny
impel(drive, force, or urge (someone) to do something) ; impede ( delay some one sty by obstruction) as industrious ( diligent and hard working ) slothful( lazy, fatigue made him slothful )
inept (having or showing no skill; clumsy: the inept handling of the threat) skill as flimsy ( easily damaged) strength
interrogate; inquiry as confront encounter
introduction ;treatise as prologue play
judaism ; christianity as hiduism buddhism
kidney ; nephron as jellyfish stingershe part of an insect or animal that holds a sting.)
lawyers ; interpretation as police officers ; enforcement
levee(embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river); flood as tenure ( the conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied.) dismissal (the act of ordering or allowing someone to leave)
license; permit as fine penality
light ;lumens ( measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source as sounds decibels (a measure of degree of loudness:)
lightning ; thunder as hyacinth flower
limestone ;cement as sillicates glass
liquid ; condensation as gas; evaporation
lord; vassal as landlord tenant
maple ; deciduous as red primary
microphone ; bulllhorn as lens cornea
mint ; coin as beer brewery
mouth; saliva as pituitary hormones
museum ; curator as ranch foreman
mystery ; curiosity as food appetite
needle ; aye as comb teeth
nickel ; quarter as score century
ocean ;plankton( small and microscopic organisms drifting or floating in the sea or fresh water) as room furniture
olive ; oil as spagettini pasta
one /billion as byte/ gigabyte
patient ; ill as treatment disease
pebble ( a small stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand) ; boulder (a large rock, typically one that has been worn smooth by erosion.) as thicket ( a dense group of bushes or trees.) forest
petroleum; gasoline as rubber latex
philateralist ; stamps as numismatic coins
physiognomy; face as osteopathy bone
pillars ; sturdy as windows transparent
pistol( A firearm designed to be held and fired with one hand.) ; holster (a sheathlike leather case for a pistol,) as cigar humidor (n airtight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist.)
planet ; sun as electron nucleus
plum ; pear as carrot potato
plumber ; wrench as bricklayer ( person whose job is to build walls, houses, and other structures with bricks.) trowel (a small handheld tool with a flat)
point ; pica as pinch dash
poseidon (god of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses, ) ; neptune as zeus ( Zeus was the protector and ruler of humankind, jupiter ( oman Mythology the chief god of the Roman state religion,)
pot ; throw as glass blow
praiseworthy ; commendable as oppressive burdensome
ptrecipitaion; snow as satellite moon
predictable ; erratic ( unpredictable) as tolerant ( disproves) eg , a tolerant attitude towards other religion, open minded, unbiased , patient bigoted ( dogmatic )( intolerance)(having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of other)
prologue introductory section) ; epilogue( section of speech at the end of the book) as morning evening
prosper ; impoverish (make (a person or area) poor) as renew languish ( be extremely distressed about something)
protection ; police officer as produce grocer
quiz ; knowledge as ruler length
raconteur ; anecdote as pundit opinion or viewpoint
rang ; rung as knew known
reference bibliography as passenger manifest (clear or obvious to the eye or mind: the system's manifest failings)
remissionthe cancellation of a debt, charge, or penalty) ; symptoms as regression defense (
reptile ; egg as plant seed
salty ; ocean as water liquidity
second ; nanosecond as one billionth
sentence ; punctuation as algorithm equation
she ; personal as employee staffs
shrub; hedge as employee staffs
sibling ;brother as spouse husband
slate ; ticket as silk fabric
snore; sleep as sneeze allergy
solar system ; galaxy as atom molecule
spectrum; frequency as bowling ; lane
spoke ; wheel as letter word
square ; polygon as compost decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer.) fertilizer
stingy( unwilling to give or spend) ; miser as fervent zealot
stir ; arouse as laud praise
successful ; accomplished as aggressive hostile
sun ; fulgent (shining brightly.) as philosopher metaphysics
symphony; movement as play act
tactics; strategy as endeavors; enterprise
tears sadness as smiles joy
tension; headache as drought famine
theorist ; speculative as neurotic obsessive
thesaurus; dictionary as hammer tool
tic ; parasite as nosegay ( a small bunch of flowers, typically one that is sweet-scented.) flower
triangle ; rectangle as bicycle tricycle
trilogy( group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums) ; book as triptych ( a picture or relief carving on three panels, ) panel
trunk( he main woody stem of a tree ) ; hose( flexible tube conveying water, used esp. for watering plants and in firefighting.)w as tail prehensile (chiefly of an animal's limb or tail)
wagon ; automobile as abacus computer
whale ; mammal as kangaroo marsupial
whale ; dolphin as otter salmon
woodpecker ; bills as anteaters claws
words ; dictionary as maps atlas
wyoming ; cheyenne as ontario toronto
wtomong ; cheyenne as canada ; ottawa
unquenchable; thirst as insatiable ( of an appetite or desire) impossible to satisfy) hunger
view ; panorama as hole emptiness
virtues; moral excellence as credulous ( having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.) naivete (lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment: the administration's naiveté and inexperience in foreign policy.)
vitamin c ; scurty as niacin heart disease or cholestrol
volcano ; larva as geyser ( hot spring in which water intermittently boils, sending a tall column of water and steam into the air.) water
temprature degree
carat is a unit measurement of weight
knot is a unit measurement of macrame
letters make up alphabet
pugilist is characterized by aggression
grace is characterized by dancer
purpose of maze is to produce a confusion
mystery , an enigma is characterized by mystery enigma
downpour is an extreme form of drizzle
dislike; hatred is an extreme form of dislike hatred
boulder is extremely large pebble
ripple a tsunami is extremely large ripple tsunami
a scalpel is a working tool of a surgeon
a smelting plant processes ore
an actuary works with probabilities
a composer creates a score
anthropology is the study of mankind
numismatics is the study of coins
seismology is the study of tremors
histology is the study of tissue
foundation ; house as pedestal statue
rust ; corrosion as dew condensation
evaporate ; vapor as petrify stone
drawl( speak slowly) ; speak as saucer ( walk slowly) walk
laudable ; praise laudable means worthy of praise
bed; river a bed is the bottom of a river
disorder ; pandemonium pandemonium is a great amount of disorder
posthumous ; death posthumous is occurring after death
malinger; work malinger means to avoid work
soporific; sleep soporific means causing sleep.
godfather ; entertainment as pieta art
sonnet ; lyric as ballad (nature of composition in rhythmic verse ) narrative
drama; denouement as prose summary
tooth ; comb as spoke wheel
tree; trunk as house walls
cog ; wheel as linchpin shaft
cuticle ; nail as philtrum ( the groove of upper part of lip) lip
milk ; lactose as honey fructose ( form of sugar found in haney)
allergy ; reaction as lancet instrument
cork; bark as delta ( formed by alluvial deposit at the north of a river sediment Sedmen
anecdote ; story as skit play
vodka ; optato as sake rice
convict; prison as horse stable
curator ; exihibits as janitor premises
arboreal( related to trees) ; trees as sidereal( related to stars) stars
admonitory ; reproachful as faltering unsteady
quandary; solution as maze exit
bristle ; anger as cower fear
portfolio ; papers as quiver arrows
petroleum; gasolin as rubber latex
picture ; frame as diamond setting
alleviate; cure as retard stop
light ;lumens as sound decibels
bullet ; ricochet as ball bounce
plumage; feathers as foliage leaves
applaud ; approbation as jeer derision
buoy; ship as runway light plane
translate; interpreter as expurgate censor
excavate; tunnel as burrow hole
chortle; glee as smirk smugness
interrogate ; inquiry as confront encounter
roar; cannon as peal bells
arguments; debater as blows pugilist
pirate; booty as angler catch
mendacity; honest as avarice generosity
hilt ; dagger as handle trowel
quarry ; limestone as well oil
allay ;fear as slake thirst
impecunious ; prosperous as hovel mansion
surreptitious ; stealth as obsequious servility
craven ; courage as impotent power
sketch; revue as essay anthology
rigorous harsh
deleterious Having a harmful effect; injurious:
whale ; dolphin as otter salmon
reference ; bibliography as passenger manifest
protection ; police officer as produce grocer
epicurean; ancient as relativist pragmatist
heir ; estate as progeny genes
succesful; accomplished as aggresive hostile
wood pecker ; bill as anteater claws
point ; pica as pinch dash
fiber ; carpet as note sonata
semantics Of, relating to, or according to the science of semantics
castigate To inflict severe punishment on.
anomaly Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
whale ; mammal as kangaroo marsupial
impassive; stolid as minute tiny
field ; fallow as volcano dormancy
robin ; nest as rabbit burrow
silo ; storage as sanctuary refuge
food ; pantry as birds aerie
soldier ; regiment as singer chorus
lariat ; cowboy as snare trapper
ruse ; deceive as argument persuade
stubborn ; mulish as coy kittenish
anathema; curse as admonition reproach
team ; attest as alliance nation
plumber ; wrench as bricklayer trowel
collanades; supportive as windowpanes reflective
impeccable; flaws as impecunious money
fish ; school as lion pride
intrepid; valor as clever ingenuity
canoe; sailboat as iron copper
convivial ; reclusive as stormy placid
calculus ; trigonometry as painting palette
prosper ; impoverish as renew languish
kidney ; nephron as jellyfish stinger
ant; insect as barracuda fish
drama; ballad as editorial article
quiz; knowledge as ruler length
clandestin Kept or done in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper purpose
ameliorate make (something bad or unsatisfactory)
rebels( happies ) a person who rises i n opposition or armed resistance against an established
placate make (someone) less angry or hostile
gibe's free energy ( G) the total energy parameter , determines whether or not spontaneos change in G== change in H --T. change in S
breeze: gale disagreement altercation
perturbed: agitated barren fruitless
digestion : chewing fertilization ovulation
zoolongy: ecology as psychology sociology
praiseworthy: commendable as opperasive burdonesome
carouse : marry as contemplate penssive
graduate ; diploma owner deed
engraving : printing as caliography penmanship
unicorn: Horn hydra head
spoke: wheel as a letter ( alphabet ) word
ecosystem: soil as infrastructure highways
neophyte( beginner lack of experience ) : bungler ( adeptness( lacks performing some task)
calculus : trigonometry as painting sculpture
pempernickel :rye as apple pear
nickel: quarter score century
banana : peel as buguette crust
claustrophobia: spelunker as acrophobia mountain
butter milk as bottle glass
writer : prolific as solid fertile
icecap : aride as rain forest humind
trowel : mason as lathe metalworker
receipt: purchase as trip; itinerary
akin; scab as tree burl
church ;spire as mosque tower
essay ; introduction as hotel lobby
fleet ; admiral as ship captain
diamond gemstone as crab crustacean
pyramids ; egypt as stonehenge England
unicorn ; horn as hydra head
pumpernickel ; rye as apple pear
conservative ; traditional as liberal radical
church ; steeple as mosque tower
theatre ; musical as television broadcast
flour ; breed as lumbar deck
labor ; accomplishment as studying learning
weather ; barometer as achievement test
conduit ; cable as trottle valve
microphone ; bullhorn as microscope lens
nonconformist ; mutiny as devotee fidelity
trainl track as automobile highway
vernacular; informal as surrealism unconvetnional
strong acids and bases results weak conjugate base and acids
non ideal gas behavior m gander waals constant tend to deviate from ideal behavior at very law temperature( to condensation py) & very high pressure
introduction ; treatise as prologue play
levee ; flood as tenure dismissal
cavern; depth as gem luster
second ;nanosecond billionth one
galvanize metal as glaze ceramic
game ; tournament as song medley
conductor ;lead as chorus support
remission; symptoms as regression defense
micrphone ; bullhorn as lens cornea
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