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Crim Law 7

Only state that does not regulate the carrying of weapons Vermont
BAC Blood Alcohol Content
Three methods to test BAC Breath, urine, blood
The Controlled Substance Act classifies drugs into how many groups? 5
2+1 Number of states that do not allow concealed weapons.....2 states plus the District of Columbia
48 Number of states with concealed weapons laws
13 States that require a special need in order for a person to conceal a gun
18 yrs old Legal age to purchase a long gun
DUI Driving Under the Influence
DWI Driving While Intoxicated
BAC Blood Alcohol Content
Percentage of violent crimes that involve alcohol 40%
Alcohol is related to ____% of all car fatalities 40
Alternatives to incarceration One of the recommendations of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency to reduce crime
Why do people join gangs? Poverty, school failure, substance abuse, domestic & community violence, dysfunctional family
Most widely abused substance alcohol
30% to 33% A black males chances of being murdered
Males are ____ times as likely to be a victim of a crime. 2
Males commit _____ times as many crimes as females. 4
What percent or fraction of the time did victims know their offenders? Females 68% = nearly 3/4, males 45% = nearly 1/2
The Brady Act was signed into law in what year? 1993
Which state was the first to pass a child access prevention law? Florida
21 years old Legal age to purchase a handgun
Most common target of criminals Teens
Causes of the rise in gang crimes Use of illegal drugs and gun sales
$150 billion dollars Estimated cost to society for illegal drug use
.09 or greater Blood Alcohol Content that equals intoxication
Implied consent law EX: refusal to take a BAC test results in immediate and automatic suspension of driving privileges
Crime Something one does of fails to do that is in violation of a law
restitution The act of paying back or compensating the victim of a crime against them
Biggest deterrent to drug abuse Peer Pressure
Tagging The use of graffiti by gangs to mark their territory
Drug courts are for this type of offender Non-violent
Drug Forfeiture Laws Allows government to seize property paid for by the proceeds of drug crimes
BAC of impaired individuals .01 to .08
This court offers treatment instead of punishment Drug Courts
Propose of Criminal Law Protect human rights for all and to regulate human conduct so people can live in harmony
All courts have ruled that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the States right to.... Maintain a militia
In the 19th Century gangs formed along ----- lines. Ethnic
Country with highest incarceration rate United States
50% to 70% of persons taken into custody test.... Positive for one or more drugs
Act created in response to deaths of Senator Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. 1968 Gun Control Act
MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving
The 1993 Brady Act required... A national system for background checks on gun purchased
1989 Florida Made it a crime to leave a loaded gun within the reach of a minor
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