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Crim Law 5

Trial Courts Listen to testimony, consider evidence and decide the facts in disputed situations
Plaintiff Party bringing the legal action in a civil trial against another
Defendant The person being sued in a civil case. The person being accused of a crime in a criminal; case
Adversarial system Judicial system used in US-allows opposing parties to present their legal conflicts before an impartial jusde and jury
Inquisitional system European method for handling disputes in which the judge play and active role in gathering and presenting evidence and questioning witnesses
Judge Determines the facts of a case and renders a judgment
Sixth Amendment Guarantees the right to a trial by jury in a criminal case
Seventh Amendment Guarantees a right to trial by jury in federal courts
Requirement to serve on a Jury US citizens, at least 18 years old, able to speak and understand English, resident of the state
Job of jury Determine facts and apply them to law in a particular case
Voir dire Opposing lawyers question each prospective juror to discover any prejudices or preconceived opinions concerning the case
Removal for cause Removal of any juror who appears incapable of rendering a fair and impartial verdict
Peremptory challenges Attorney can have any prospective juror removed without stating the cause, has limited use
Appeals court Court that hears a case a second time. there are no juries, no witnesses, and no new evidence is presented
Error of law When judge makes a mistake when applying the law to a case
Precedent Appeals Court decision on a legal question that guides future cases with similar questions in lower courts
Dissenting opinion Written opinion of a disagreeing appeals court judge
Concurring opinion Written opinion of appeals court judge who agrees with the decision but for another reason
Verdict Jury's decision in a case
The Hague , Netherlands Home of International Court of Justices'
Allegations Unproved statement made against the defense
Rebuttal Argument Additional closing statements that the prosecutor or plaintiff has the right to make
Which court has no witnesses? Appellate
Number of federal districts in North Dakota 8
What does an attorney seek to do to a witness during cross examination? Discredit them
Three types of Municipal Courts Criminal, Family, Probate
How many Supreme Court Justices must agree to hear a case before it is heard by all Justices of the Supreme Court? 4
Federal courts hear cases between states involving money in amounts starting at... $75,000
Number of Suppreme Court Justices 9
Another name for Federal Trial Courts US District Courts
Which laws govern tribal courts Tribal and Federal laws
Beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof needed in a criminal case
Preponderance of evidence Burden of proof in a civil case that a party must meet to prove their case
The US Supreme Court will hear matters concerning _______Law Federal
Motion Request made by one party to a lawsuit that a judge take some specific action
Jobs of Probate courts Settle Estates of deceased people
Powers granted to Tribal Courts Inherent, delegated
Results of a hung jury A new trial
Plea Bargain Bargaining dome by accused to reduce sentence
Number of federal districts in US District Court System 13
Where does burden of proof lie in a civil case? With the plaintiff
Length of term of Supreme Court Justice Life
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