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If you (billow, confront) your problems honestly and openly, instead of trying to hide them, your will have a better change of solving them. confront
The big-league shortstop (manipulates, constrains) his glove like a magician, snaring every ball hit within reach. manipulates
A good scientist must have a keen mind, an unquenchable curiosity, and a (groundless, disinterested) desire to discover the truth. disinterested
She has many interesting ideas, but she seems to lack the physical and mental (stamina, assailant) to make good use of them. stamina
The (adverse, sheepish) publicity that he received during the investigation was probably the cause of his defeat in the next election. adverse
Do you think it would be a good idea to set a (maximum, contemporary) figure for the amount of homework any teacher is allowed to assign? maximum
After giving a few (sheepish, serene) excuses, the swimmers packed up and left the private beach. sheepish
Anyone who has ever sailed a small boat know how thrilling it is to feel the spray in your face while the sails (billow, encompass) overhead. billow
After many stormy years in the service of his country, George Washington retired to the (serene , adverse) life of his beloved Mount Vernon. serene
After living for many years in that roomy old farmhouse, I felt awfully (arid, constrained) in that small apartment. constrained
My idea of a(n) (assailant, hypocrite) is a person who gives advice that he or she is not willing to follow. hypocrite
His decision not to accept our sincere offer of assistance is completely (disinterested, incomprehensible) to me. incomprehensible
I didn't want to (ruffle, manipulate) the feelings of the hotel manager, but I felt that I had to complain about the miserable service. ruffle
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were (contemporaries, mimics), born within a few years of each other. contemporaries
If you (billow, confront) your problems honestly and openly, instead of trying to hide them, your will have a better change of solving them. confront
Despite the fact that she was in shock, the victim gave a clear description of her (hypocrite, assailant). assailant
What a relief to learn that my parents had been delayed by a storm, and that all my fears about an accident were (groundless, maximum)! groundless
She has gained success as a writer who knows how to (confront, depict) in a lifelike way the hopes, fears, and problems of young people today. depict
Instead of working so hard to (mimic, ruffle) popular TV stars, why don't your try to develop an acting style of your own? mimic
The science program in our school (depicts, encompasses) biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and other related courses. emcompasses
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