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Med Class definition

Medication Classification Definitions

Alpha Receptors Activates enzymes inside plasma membrane.
Alpha 1 Releases intracellular calcium ions into the cytosol from reserves in endoplasmic reticulum. Causes vasoconstriction, increased contractile force, decreasing heart rate, bronchoconstriction.
Alpha 2 Lowers cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels in cytoplasm. cAMP is a 2nd messenger that can activate/inactivate key enzymes. Vasodilatation, decreases blood pressure, in targeted organs, coronary arteries.
Beta Receptors Located in membranes of cells in organs, including skeletal muscles, lungs, heart, liver. Changes metabolic activity in cell by stimulation, resulting in increase in intracellular cAMP levels.
Beta 1 Increases metabolic activity, in skeletal muscles, accelerates in the heart, increase in heart rate and contraction force.
Beta 2 Causes inhibition, triggering a relaxation of smooth muscles along respiratory tract, respiratory passageways open, making breathing easier. Bronchodilation.
Beta 3 Stimulation leads to lipolysis, breakdown of triglycerides.
Agonist medication or other substance that binds with a specific medication receptor and causes a physiological response.
Antagonist medication or other substance that blocks a physiological response that blocks the action of another medication or substance.
Adrenergic related to the SNS, receptors specific to norepinephrine and epinephrine-like substances
Pressor Base substance capable of raising blood pressure, reflex is a nerve causing constriction of arterioles increasing blood pressure.
Sympathomimetic medication or other substance that causes effects such as those of the SNS (adrenergic)
Sympatholytic medications blocking beta adrenergic receptors and slow heart rate
Parasympathomimetics medications stimulating the parasympathetic nerve system
Parasympatholytic Medications that inhibit the parasympathetic nerve system
Chronotrophy change the heart rate by affecting the nerves controlling the heart, or by changing the rhythm produced by the sinoatrial node. Positive chronotropes increase heart rate; negative chronotropes decrease heart rate.
Dromotrophy affects the conduction speed in the AV node, and subsequently the rate of electrical impulses in the heart
Inotrophy alters the force or energy of muscular contractions.
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