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Fitz. Lesson 1 & 2

Yeah the cards

Obligation A duty or obligation
Occupants A person that resides in a house
Despair Over come with a sense of defeat
ranted Speak at length
raved Talk out wildly
compulsive An urge that you cant help
paranoid Suffering from paranoia
sassy Lively, bold, full of spirit
reckless without thinking or caring
literally actual real
retrospect a survey of the past
brunt worst part
mimic imitate
manicured trim neatly
subtle so delicate or prescise
sweltering uncomferatbly hot
lamest feeble
diversion an instant of turning something aside
saddled burdened with a task
courtesy showing politeness
unison harmonious
prestigious having honor
boisterious energetc
lanky ungraceful, thin and tall
leniency being more tolerant that expected
Created by: Brenham ISD