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Crim Law 2

Statutes Laws
All but this state have a two-house legislature Nebraska
Supremacy clause The Constitution and the Laws of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land
Ordinances or regulations Names given to laws passed by state government, and county or city councils
Bills Proposed law
Legislative intent What the lawmakers who passed the law wanted the law to mean
Draft When actual language of a bill is written
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration-Agency that develops health and safety regulations that must be followed in the work place
EPA Environmental Protection Agency- in-force laws passed by Congress that deal with protecting human health and protecting the environment
Department of Homeland Security Mission is to help prevent, protect against, and respond to act of terrorism on U.S. soil
DOT Department of Transportation- Protect nation's transportation system
TSA Transportation Security Administration - Organization that screen employees for public air transportation
Public Hearing Open meeting in which the public is allowed to express their views on proposed legislation
Federal Register News paper where all proposed government laws must be published
Appellate courts A higher court that hears a court case after it has been heard once in a lower court
Treaty Agreement or contract between countries
UN United Nations
EU European Union, Founded in 1945
The Constitution states that treaties are the Supreme law of the land if... They are signed by the President, and ratified by 2/3 of Senate
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