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vengeance the desire for revenge
crimson deep purplish-red
petulant unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered
barren providing no shelter or substance
siege the surrounding and blockading of a city,town, or fortress by an army attempting to capture it
carrion the dead and rottng body of an dead animal
ransom the price or payment demanded or paid for such release
compensate do or give something to somebody in return
pyre a pile of wood on which a dead body is ceremonially burned
horde a large group or crowd; a swarm
orator a person who makes public speeches, very eloquent ones
impetuous acting in a hasty manner and without thinking
truce a(usually temporary)rest from fighting,agreed to by both sides
instatiable not able to be satisfied
defile to dishonor by physical acts(as trampling, dirtying, or mutilating)
havoc great destruction or damage
gory with a lot of blood or bloodshed
ally a person, group,or nation that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose
burnish to make (metal) bright by polishing
leisure time which one can spend as one likes, especially when one does not have to work
Created by: phillip clark
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