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2213Quiz 2

Metzger Quiz 2

αναβαινω, αναβησομαι ανεβην, αναβεβηκα, αναβεβαμαι, ΧΧΧ to go up
αφιημι, αφησω αφηκα, αφεικα, αφειμαι, αφεθην to let go, permit, forgive
δεξιος, α, ον 1st/2nd adjective right (opposite of left)
εγω 1st person personal pronoun I
ενωπιον preposition with genitive before
εχω, εξω εσχον, εσχηκα, εσχημα, εσχεθην to have, hold
ιστημι, στησω εστησα, εστηκα, εσταμαι, εσταθην to cause to stand, to stand
λεγω ελεγον (imperfect)--only pres./imp., other tenses use ειπον to say, speak
νομος νομου, ο a law, the Law
ου, ουκ, ουχ adverb not
πεμπω, πεμψω επεμψα, πεπομφα, πεπεμμαι, επεμφθην to send
προσερχομαι, προσελευσομαι προσηλθον, προσεληλυθα, χχχ, χχχ to come to
τε weak conjunction and
φως φωτος, το light
αγαπη αγαπης, η love
Created by: ougreek