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Critical Care Nursing Practice

What is the value of becoming certified in critical care nursing? Promotes excellence by helping nurses achieve and maintain an up-to-date knowledge base and allowing nurses to demonstrate their knowledge.
What is the value to patients and families? Validates that the nurses caring for them have demonstrated the knowledge that exceeds that which is assessed in entry-level licensure examinations.
What is the values to employers? Validates that the nurse is committed to the discipline and has the knowledge and experience to work efficiently to promote optimal patient outcomes.
What is the value to nurses? Sense of professional pride and achievement.
What is Evidenced-Practice? The use of the best available research data from well-designed studies coupled with experiential knowledge and characteristics, values, and patient preferences in clinical practice to support clinical decision making.
List some barriers to Evidence-Based Practice. Lack of: knowledge, research skills, organizational support and management commitment, time, incentive to change behavior, confidence in personal ability to change practice, authority to change practice
List the six essential Standards of a Healthy Work Environment. Skilled Communication, True Collaboration, Effective Decision Making, Appropriate Staffing, Meaningful Recognition, Authentic Leadership
What is the underlying premise of the Synergy Model. Patients' characteristics are of concern to nurses, nurses' competencies are important to, patients' characteristics drive nurses' competencies and when patients' characteristics and nurses' competencies match and synergize, outcomes for the patient are o
Created by: JayneAnn