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Chapter 2 Definitions

By-products Substances and products remaining that still have value even after the products of greatest value get removed
Contract grower Producers who contract with an organization to produce a product for a price determined through a contractual arrangement
Economy of size A simple concept revolving around around the maximization of the use of equipment, labor, and costly items. Example is a tractor cleans 2 houses for poultry instead of just one and maximizes its use.
Farrow In swine, the term used to indicate giving birth
Feeder pig Generally thought of as a pig weighing b/w 30-90 lbs. There is some regional difference in this range
Feedlot Areas where livestock are fed
Grain-fed beef Meat from cattle that have undergone a significant grain feeding
Finishing phase The final feeding stage when animals are readied for market. once was called fattening
Forage Fiber containing feeds like grass or hay. Can be grazed or harvested for feeding. at least 18% fiber but have high digestible energy >70%.
Milk the normal secretion of the mammary glands of the female mammals.
Mohair the fiber produced by the angora goat
Nursery pig Term often used
Nutrient A chemical substance that provides nourishment to the body. Essential nutrients are those necessary for normal maintenance, growth, and functioning.
Nutrient density A measurement of the essential nutrients found in a food compared to the caloric content food.
Seed stock Broodstock intended for future production
Stocker calf Weaned calf being grown prior to placement in a feedlot for finishing
Vertical integration The control of 2 adjacent stages in the vertical marketing channel from producers to consumers
Xeno-transplantation Transplanting animal organs into humans.
Companion animal An animal to whom an owner has an intense emotional tie.
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