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Chapter 3

Tropical Climates are located near the ___ ___. Low latitudes (the tropics
Found near the Equator, average temp at 80, rains almost daily. Tropical Rain Forest Climate
Contains world's largest tropical rain forest Amazon River basin
Dry winter, wet summer Tropical savanna climate
___ and ___ predominately have this savanna type climate Africa and South America
The two dry climates include: Desert climate and steppe climate
Dry spares plant life Desert climate
Rainfall less then 10 inches; can have temperatures as low as -40° in the winter Gobi Desert
Covers almost one third of Africa Saharah desert
Often borders deserts; rainfall 10 to 20 inches Steppe climate
Largest ___ stretches across eastern Europe and Western and Central Asia Steppe
___ ___ includes Marine West Coast climate, Mediterranean climate, humid subtropical climate, humid continental climate Mid-latitude climates
Cold summers mild and damp winters; located on most western coastlines Marine West Coast climate
Similar weather to areas near the Mediterranean Sea, mild rainy winters, hot sunny summers- Southern California Mediterranean climate
High humidity, rain throughout the year, winter is short and mild generally Humid subtropical climate
Only in the northern hemisphere, weather is dictated by landmasses than by anything else Humid continental climate
___ ___ climates include subarctic climate and tundra climate High latitude climates
Taiga is synonymous with these climate regions- Russia and Canada Subarctic climate
Bitterly cold winters, Limited sunlight with little heat Tundra climate
Tropic of Capricorn coordinates 23 1/2° South
Tropic of Cancer coordinates 23 1/2° North
Spring starts on March 21st equinox
Fall starts on September 23rd winter solstice
Winter starts on December 22nd
Summer starts on June 21st summer solstice
Winds that constantly blow in the ocean Prevailing winds
Usually has no winds Equator
Means place with no wins Doldrums
Flow opposite each other Ocean currents
Flow clockwise Northern hemisphere
Flow counterclockwise Southern hemisphere
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