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C3 L4 cities comparison

人口 population rén kǒu
出门 to go out chū mén
超市 supermarket chāo shì
马路 road; street mǎ lù
side biān
早餐 breakfast zǎo cān
小吃店 snack bar xiǎo chī diàn
习惯 to be accustomed to xí guàn
to hang guà
广告 advertisement guǎng gào
那么 so ; like that; in that way nà me
停(车) to park tíng (chē )
院子 courtyard yuàn zǐ
一样 the same yí yàng
特色 distinguishing feature or quality tè sè
比较 comparely bǐ jiào
除了…还 Other than...., ...also... chú le …hái
虽然……还是 Although..., ...still suī rán ……hái shì
因为…,所以 Because...., therefore...... yīn wèi …,suǒ yǐ
A 在 B 的 direction 边 A is location at the direction of B A zài B de direction biān
每次action, subject 都 sequence Every time + action, subject always sequential action měi cì action, subject dōu sequence
A 和 B 一样 adj A and B are about the same adjective A hé B yī yàng adj
A 比 B adj 多了 A is much more + adjective than B A bǐ B adj duō le
A 比较 adj A is more+adjective A bǐ jiào adj
A 没有 B adj A is not more+adjective than B A méi yǒu B adj
已经 already yǐ jīng
可是 but kě shì
常常 frequently; often cháng cháng
干净 clean gàn jìng
万事如意 Wish you all the best wàn shì rú yì
安静 quiet; silent ān jìng
交通 traffic jiāo tōng
天气 weather tiān qì
景色 scenery jǐng sè
美食 gourmet food měi shí
活动 activities huó dòng
远/近 far/near yuǎn/jìn
many;much; a lot duō
方便 convenient fāng biàn
城市 city chéng shì
Created by: hcl
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