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Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry Exam Review Cards

Good Science Carefully Planned using the Scientific Method Asking question that can be tested scientifically Uses methods that are honest and clear Can be repeated and checked by other scientist
Bad Science Not supported by the data Can’t be confirm its claims Medicine - Does it work ? Advertisements on TV Are biased ( maybe not on purpose) ex Ghost believer see them
Why is it important for scientist to communicate with each other about their experiments Answer: In order to separate good science from bad science To share ideas and compare results
Journals Journals are specific types of publication that contain research. these research papers inside the journal undergo peer review
Magazines Great sources for learning about science Know that they are in the media and are not peer reviewed
Internet Internets science can be facts, opinions, advertisements or even lies. Beware of the internets It is only good science when the website ends in .gov or .edu . When the website ends in .com or .org, it could be bad science.
Control variables The things that must stay the same during an experiment
Independent Variabele The Variable that you change and are testing
Dependent Variable The Variable That is measured
1st Step of the Scientific Method Observe Observe natural phenomena and form a guiding question. Observe means to pay attention to everything that is going on
2nd Step of the Scientific Method Research information related to the question. Research means to search using the internet, journals, and books. Beware of the internet
3rd Step of the Scientific Method State a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess made after completing research
4th Step of the Scientific Method Set up an experiment that will produce data that will support or refute your hypothesis . Data is the results you recieve after completing an experiment
5th Step of the Scientific Method Collect and organize your data.
6th Step of the Scientific Method State a conclusion. A conclusion is when you say that the datat either supports or refutes the hypothesis that you stateed earlier. Refute means to not support. Support means to back it up( 12 powerful words :-)
Variable Variable-the thing your testing is called the variable
Chronological to put things in order according to how they occured.
Anononymous When an unknown person complete something
Peer Review When a group of unknown scientist determine the difference between good and bad science before the public is allowed to see it.
Created by: Cjblount08