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Hobbitus Vocabulary List 1 (pp 1 & 2)

sed (conjunction) but, but rather
hic/haec/hoc (demonstrative pronoun) this; (pl) these
noster, nostra, nostrum (possessive adjective) our
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful
hodie (adverb) today
hortus, -i, m garden, yard
prope (prep. + acc.) near
senex, senis, m old man
magnus, -a, -um large, big, great
teneo/tenere/tenui/tentus to hold, have
quis? who?
ille/illa/illud (demonstrative pronoun) that; (pl) those
homo, hominis, m man, person, fellow
novus, -a, -um new
subito (adverb) suddenly
respondeo/-ere/respondi/responsus to respond, answer
quaero/-ere/quaesivi/quaesitus to search for, seek
cupio/-ere/cupivi/cupitus to desire, wish
invenio/-ire/inveni/inventus to find, come upon
qui/quae/quod (relative pronoun) who, that, which
video/-ere/vidi/visus to see
volo/velle/volui to want
diu (adverb) (for) a long time
taceo/-ere/tacui/tacitus to be silent, to be quiet
tum (adverb) then, next
numquam (adverb) never
maneo/-ere/mansi/mansus to remain, stay
nihil nothing (soemtimes spelled "nil")
dico/-ere/dixi/dictus to say, speak
tandem (adverb) at last, finally
rogo (1) to ask
sum/esse/fui/futurus to be
fabula, -ae, f story
audio/-ire/audivi/auditus to hear, listen
cur why
nunc (adverb) now
iterum (adverb) again
cras (adverb) tomorrow
si (conjunction) if
intro (1) to enter
suus, -a, -um (possessive adjective) his/her/its/their (own)
signum, -i, nt sign, signal
scribo/-ere/scripsi/scriptus to write
lente (adverb) slowly
postridie (adverb) the next day
diligenter (adverb) diligently, carefully
bonus, -a, -um good
festino (1) to hurry
celeriter (adverb) quickly, swiftly
ante (prep. + acc.) in front of; before
Created by: simsma