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Blue Book 2

U2 S14

ornatrix hairdresser
relinquo leave
decorus right, proper
sine without
levis changeable, inconsistent
fortunatus lucky
rustica villa country house
etiam even, also
pretium price
libenter gladly
hiems winter
spend the winter
anus old woman
diu for a long time
the mistress herself
verro sweep
scopae broom
lente slowly
lacrimis se tradere burst into tears
very miserable, very sad
diutius any longer, for too long
do not cry
purus clean, spotless
mel honey
osculum kiss
hardly, scarcely
jar, jug
alone, on her own
nitidus gleaming, brilliant
nam for
armarium chest, cupboard
aeneus made of bronze
lamo-stand, candelabrum
aureus golden, made of gold
age! come on!
my dear Salvius!
carus dear
aliquid something
cedo give in, yield
nuper recently
tot so many
comis courteous, friendly, polite
urbanus sophisticated, fashionable
a few
be a soldier
get to know
in it
surely you did not take?
heaves above!
oh wretched me! oh dear!
expectatus welcome
modicus ordinary, little
garum sauce
claudes disaster
so great, such a great
commemoro talk about
se convertere turn
more tasteful
argenteus made if silver
aula palace
quotannis every year
arca strong-box, chest
cellarius (house) steward
point out, show
auratus gilded, golf-plated
you should not, you must not
remain, stay
paratus ready, prepared
plaustrum wagon, cart
ispe himself, herself, itself
cognosco find out, get to know
vix hardly, scarcely, with difficulty
amphora wine-jar
nine novem
Created by: rachelebrady