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Conducting Vocab

a capella "as in chapel," unaccompanied choral singing
accelerando gradual acceleration
accompagnato accompanied
adagio slow; leisurely; a slow movement
ad libitum at liberty
agitato agitated
a la mesure in strict time
al fine to the finish
alla breve 2/2 meter, cut time
allargando growing slower
allegro lively, brisk, rapid
allegro ma non troppo fast, but not too much so
andante moderately slow, walking tempo
andantino little slower than andante
animato animation, with spirit
assai very
a tempo in time
con brio with life
cantablie in a singing style
capo head; beginning
capriccioso in a capricious, fanciful, fantastic style
coda a passage ending a movement
codetta short coda
colla parte with the part
come prima as before; as at first
con with
crescendo swelling; gradual increase in loudness
dal segno from the sign
decrescendo decreasing in loudness
detache' detached
divisi divided
dolce sweetly
encore again
fermata a hold
fine end; close
forte loud
fortissimo extremely loud
forzato with force, energy
fuoco with fire
furioso furiously
giocoso playfully
grand large
grandioso with gradeur
grave heavy, slow
grosso great
istesso/l'istesso tempo same tempo
lagrime con tearful
langsam slow
largamente largely
larghetto faster than largo
largo large;broad
legato smoothly
leggiero light, airy
lento slow
lunga long
maestoso majestic
marcato with emphasis
marcatissimo very marked emphasis
meno less; not so
moderato moderate
molto very
morendo dying away
mosso moved
moto motion
parlando speaking; singing with clear and marked enunciation
perdendosi dying away
pesante heavy, ponderous, firm
piano soft, softly
pianissimo very soft
pianississimo very, very soft
piu more
poco little
prestissimo very rapidly
presto fast; rapid
primo first
quasi as if it were
rallentando growing slower and slower
ritardando growing slower and slower
rubato robbed time; give/take
sans without
secco dry/simple
segno a sign
sempre always
senza without
sforzato special stress; marked and sudden emphasis
sostenuto sustained
spiccato sharp staccato (off the string)
spirito, con with spirit
staccato short, detached
stringendo hastening
subito suddenly
tacet "it is silent"
tenuto held: tone so marked is to be sustained for its full time value
tessitura range covered by the main body of tones in a given part
troppo too much
tutti entire ensemble performing
vigoroso with vigor
vivace lively animated, brisk
vivo lively, spirited, briskly
voce voice part
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