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7th Grade Science


anti- against
arth- joint, joined
auto- self
bio- related to life
chloro- green
cyto- cell
di- double
epi- above
exo- outer, external
gastro- stomach
hemo- blood
herb- pertaining to plants
hetero- different
homeo- same
macro- large
micro- small
multi- consisting of many units
osteo- bone
photo- pertaining to light
plasm- forming substance
proto- first
syn- together
-cyst pouch
-derm skin, layer
-gen producing
-itis inflammation
-logy study
-meter measurement
-osis condition, disease
-phase stage
-phage eater
-pod foot
-stasis Stationary condition
chromo- color
graphy- description
sub- under
nomy- systematized knowledge of
hydro- water
dia- away from
in- inside
therm- heat
Created by: dguilliams