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Lab. Safety

Quiz is on Aug. 29

Always ________ Never smell. 1. Waft
Always ______ your work area when you are done. Wash your hands with _____, _____, water 1. Clean Up 2. Warm 3. Soapy
Chemical Spill Kit Location (S) Front
Emergency eyewash station Location (S) Back
Containers for broken glass Location (S) Back (Red Bucket)
Emergency gas shutoff Location (S) Front
Emergency Shower Location (S) Back
Fire Blanket Location (S) Front and Back
Fire extinguisher Location (S) Front and Back
First aid kit Location (S) Front
Room Exits Location (S) Front and Back
Sand Bucket Location (S) Back (Orange Bucket)
Move a test tube ______ and _____ so it doesn't heat too fast. 1. Back 2. Forth
Point a test tube _____ from others. 1. Away
NEVER ____ A thermometer 1 Shake
Never ______ with a themometer 1. Stir
Hold a thermometer in the _______ of a beaker 1. Middle
Use a _________ or ______ (NOT a _______) to measure liquids 1. Graduated Cylinder 2. Pipet
Read liquids at _______ level 1. Eye Level
Read from the bottom of the ______ 1. Meniscus
Transfer liquids _____ to _____ 1. Lip 2. Lip
Do as you outghta _____ then _______ 1. Acid 2. Water
Find mass in ______ 1. Grams
Use a ______ to measure solids 1. Balance
Carry a balance by it's _____ 1. Base
Adjust ______ at the end of the balance 1. Knob
Substances go on the ______ side 1. Left
Clean up: 6 things 1 Turn it all off 2. Dispose of chemicals as directed 3. Wash all equipment and put trays back where you found them 4. Wipe Table 5. Wash Hands 6. Put away goggles
Turning on a Bunsen Burner C) Close both air and gas valves O) Open air 1 turn and gas 1/4 of the way T) Turn gas on at the table L) Light with a flint striker A) Adjust oxygen to get blue flame
When do you wear safety goggles or glasses? Goggles - Chemicals Glasses - Everything else
Where is the eye wash station and what is it used for? Back Left - cleansing yourself if you are contaminated
Where is the fume hood station and what is it used for? Back - protects from fumes
Where is the fire blanket station and what is it used for? Back Left - To protect you from fire
Where is the container for broken glass station and what is it used for? Back - collecting broken glass
What do you do if you burn yourself? Tell the teacher and place under cold running water
What do you do if you spill a chemical? Tell the teacher
What do you do if you catch your clothes on fire? Stop, drop, and roll.
What do you do if you break something glass? Tell the teacher
What does the toxic substances sign look like? Skull and crossbones
What does the special disposal sign look like? A bucket and a line through it
What does the Dangerous fumes sign look like? Tube with squiggly lines coming out of it
What does the open flame sign look like? A flame with a line through it
What does the dangerous chemicals sign look like? Bottle spilling liquid
How do you measure out 5mL of liquid? Graduated Cylinder
Created by: 16esmith