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Geography of Europe

Acid Rain Precipitation as rain, snow, or sleet, containing relatively high concentration of acid forming chemicals
Air Pollution contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly oxides of carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen.
Nuclear Disaster the incident which occurred at Chernobyl, Ukraine, where a nuclear reactor had a meltdown and sprayed radiation into the environment.
Literacy Rate the percentage of the adult population 15 years and older who can read and write
Standard of Living a grade or level of subsistence and comfort in everyday life enjoyed by a community, class, or individual
Diversity the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness
Environment the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a living organism at any time
Natural Resources products of the earth, that people use to meet their needs; "gifts of nature"
Climate usually, a predictable pattern of weather in an area over a long period of time
Population Distribution the arrangement or spread of people living in a given area
Cultural Characterisitics those aspects or characteristics which identify a culture, religion, traditions, customs, language, etc...
Religion the practice of religious beliefs; ritual observance of faith
Location a place or situation occupied
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