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New FA Micro 9

Weil-Felix reaction? classic test that uses cross-linking proteus antigens to confirm diagnosis of rickettsia
strep associated with pharyngitis, cellulitis, impetigo, scarlet fever, TSS, rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis? strep pyogenes (group A beta hemolytic)
characteristics of rheumatic fever? subcutaneous nodules, erythema marginatum, chorea, carditis
tumbling motility, menigitis in newborns, unpasteurized milk listeria monocytogenes
virulence factor of staph aureus? protein A
what does c. difficile produce? a cytotoxin, an exotoxin that kills enterocytes, causing pseudomembranous colitis
what encodes the exotoxin of corynebacterium diphtheriae? beta-prophage
gram-positive rods with metachromatic granules? corynebacterium diphtheriae
vesicular papules covered y black eschar bacillus anthracis
what part of gram-negative bugs inhibits entry of penicillin and vancomycin? the outer membrane layer
this vaccine contains type B capsular polysaccharide conjugated to diphtheria toxoid or other protein h. flu
flagellar antigen of enterobacter? H antigen
somatic antigen of enterobacter? O antigen (polysaccharide of endotoxin)
viruses causing watery diarrhea? rotavirus, adenovirus, norwalk virus
pertussis toxin permanently disables what? Gi
cholera toxin permanently activates what? Gs
how does pertussis toxin promote lymphocytosis? by inhibiting chemokine receptors
treatment of choice for most rickettsial infections? tetracycline
classic triad of rickettsiae? headache, fever, rash (vasculitis)
rickettsiae are obligate intracellular parasites and need what? CoA and NAD
all rickettsiae except what are transmitted by an arthropod vector and cause headache, fever, and rash? coxiella
why is coxiella an atypical rickettsia? because it is transmitted by aerosol and causes pneumonia
what causes rocky mountain spotted fever? to where is it endemic? rickettsia rickettsii; endemic to east coast
vector for rocky mountain spotted fever? tick; rickettsia rickettsii
vector for endemic typhus? fleas; rickettsia typhi
vector for epidemic typhus? human body louse; rickettsia prowazekii
what causes Q fever? coxiella burnetii
rickettsial disease with no rash, no vector, negative Wiel-Felix, and casative organism can survive outside for a long time coxiella burnetii
what does the Weil-Felix reaction assay for? antirickettsial antibodies, which cross-react with proteus antigen
what is the only bacterial membrane containing cholesterol? mycoplasma pneumoniae
growth on Eaton's agar? mycoplasma pneumoniae
normal flora dominant in nose staph aureus
normal flora dominant in skin staph epidermidis
normal flora dominant in oropharynx strep viridans
normal flora dominant in dental plaque strep mutans
normal flora dominant in colon bacteriodes fragilis > e. coli
normal flora dominant in vagina lactobacillus, colonized by e. coli and group B strep
common causes of pneumonia in kids (6 wks. - 18 yrs) viruses (RSV), mycoplasma, chlamydia pneumoniae, strep pneumo
common causes of pneumonia in adults (18-40) mycoplasma, c. pneumoniae, strep pneumo
common causes of pneumonia in adults (40-65) strep pneumo, H. flu, anaerobes, viruses, mycoplasma
common causes of pneumonia in elderly strep pneumo, viruses, anaerobes, H. flu, gram negative rods
common causes of pneumonia in nosocomial staph, gram-negative rods
common causes of pneumonia in immunocomprimised staph, gram-negative rods, fungi, viruses, PCP (HIV)
common causes of pneumonia in aspiration anaerobes
common causes of pneumonia in alcoholic/IV drug user strep pneumo, klebsiella, staph
common causes of pneumonia in postviral staph, h. flu
common causes of pneumonia in neonate group B strep, e. coli
common causes of atypical pneumonia mycoplasma, legionella, chlamydia
causes of meningitis in newborn (0-6 mos) group B strep, e. coli, listeria
causes of meningitis in children (6 mos - 6 yrs) strep pneumo, neisseria meningitidis, H. flu B, enteroviruses
causes of meningitis in 6-60 year olds n. meningitidis, enteroviruses, strep pneumo, HSV
causes of meningitis in elderly (over 60) strep pneumo, gram negative rods, listeria
causes of meningitis in HIV cryptococcus, CMV, toxoplasmosis (brain abscess), JC virus (PML)
CSF findings in bacterial meningitis increased pressure, increased NEUTROPHILS, increased protein, decreased sugar
CSF findings in fungal/TB meningitis increased pressure, increased LYMPHOCYTES, increased protein, decreased sugar
CSF findings in viral meningitis normal/increased pressure, increased lymphocytes, NORMAL protein, NORMAL, sugar
cause of osteomyelitis in most people staph aureus
cause of osteomyelitis in sexually active neisseria gonorrhoeae (rare), septic arthritis more common
cause of osteomyelitis in diabetics and drug addicts pseudomonas
cause of osteomyelitis in sickle cell salmonella
cause of osteomyelitis in prosthetic replacement staph aureus and staph epidermidis
cause of vertebral osteomyelitis TB (Pott's disease)
Created by: Asclepius



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