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the study of the interaction of humans with the natural environment environmental science
What are 4 qualities the environment includes climate Air/water quality soil and landforms presence of other living organisms
Environmental science is _______ because it includes concepts and ideas from multiple fields of study interdisciplinary
a community decides to use coal for electricity bc its cheap economics
coal has to be mined underground geology
machinery is used to transport the coal engineering
coal produces pollution chemistry
coal pollution can produce acidic rain meteorology
the acidic rain affects plants ecology
products can be replenished within a human lifetime renewable resource examples: timber, water
replenished extremely slowly if at all nonrenewable resource examples: coal, oil, mineral
breaks down over time biodegradable pollution organic foods
does not break down non degradable pollution examples: plastic
the number of different species present in one specific ecosystem biodiversity
The _____ for mammal extinctions assuming no catastrophic events occur, extinctions normally occur at a pretty slow rate background rate
The discipline that studies the moral relationship of human beings to the environment environmental ethics
human centered humans are dominant anthropocentrism
nature deserves to exist for its own sake regardless of degree of usefulness to humans ecocentrism
The _____ argued that San Fransisco needed the water anthropocentrists
the _____ argued that this violated the very purpose of the federal parks were to be preserved ecocentrists
The focus of the _____ philosophy was to protect open land resource conservation
Threats of pollution and toxic chemicals lead to began the ________ movement modern environmentalism
What is the primary concern of modern environmentalists? Threats of pollution and toxic chemicals
Includes issues and problems all around the world global environmentalism
What are common examples of common areas? ocean and air
the greater the demand, the higher the price supply and demand
they have lower incomes shorter life spans and rapid population growth developing country
they have higher incomes, longer life spans, and slower growth rate developed country
The steps considered when calculating an _________ includes the amount of space needed to support each person in a nation, including forests, farms, cities, etc ecological footprint
when human needs are met so that the population can survive indefinitely sustainability
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