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Medical Technology

State Test

Number of times state test may be retaken before class must be repeated. Three.
Number of years that certificate will allow holder to take state test. Two years.
Amount of time you may work as a state test ready STNA before you must pass the test. Four months.
Items to bring to state test. Government Issued, non-expired, photo I.D. and a #2 pencil.
How to dress for state test. Scrubs, hair pulled back, clinical shoes. *no coats or hoodies allowed during testing*
What items can not be brought to state test? cell phone,beepers, blue tooth device. Also no visitors or pets.
How many skills are tested? Hand washing and 4 other skills pulled at random by a computer.
How many questions are on the written test? Seventy-nine (79)
How much time is allowed to perform the skills test? Thirty Five (35) minutes.
How much time is allowed to perform the written test? Ninety (90) minutes.
Ethics Moral principals and standards of conduct that guide professional practices.
Burnout Overwhelming stress at work that causes one to not enjoy the job.
Nurse Aid Training and Competency (NATCEP) The training program for STNA's in Ohio.
State Test Ready (STNA) Someone with an STNA course completion certificate, who has not yet passed the state test.
Policy Course of action to be followed. Usually includes why and when.
Procedure How to do something. Usually how to follow a policy in a step-by-step manner.
Scope of Practice What a healthcare professional is allowed to do legally in their state of practice.
Healthcare Team All healthcare professionals working with a particular pt.
Chain of Command Line of Authority.
Job Description Outline of what will be expected in a job.
In-Service Program STNA's working in an Ohio LTCF are required to obtain one hour of in-service time every month.
Empathy Being able to enter into feelings of others in a given situation.
Ways to Identify a Pt. 1.) I.D. Bracelet 2.) Picture or 3.) Ask someone that knows the pt.
PPE Personal Protective Equipment includes gloves, masks, gowns, and goggles.
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. Contains information about chemicals found in a facility to allow for safe use of chemical.
Body Mechanics Efficient and safe use of your body when you move.
Body Alignment Positioning the body so the spine is straight and not crooked or twisted.
Ergonomics Science of designing equipment and work task's to suit a worker's abilities.
Three parts needed for a fire 1.) Heat 2.) Fuel 3.) Oxygen
Abdominal Thrusts Technique used to treat choking.
Types of fire extinguishers A- ashes or wood, paper or cloth B- baking soda, flammable oils, and liquids C- current or electrical ABC- all fires
Oxygen Concentrator Changes air in room into air with more oxygen.
Biohazard Bag Red bag labeled with the Bio hazard logo. Used for waste contaminated with body fluids, including blood.
Sharps Container Plastic OSHA- approved container used for disposal of needles, glass, or other objects that could cut you.
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