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Tobira Ch1 Vocabulary 会話文1 平仮名と意味

ききかえす (意味) to raise a question about somethign that has just been said
むかしばなし (意味) old tale
せこう (意味) major
いろいろ(と) (意味) a lot; (so) much; many things; all sorts of things
せんもん (意味) one's specialization; one's specialized field
ちほう (意味) region; area; country
いなか (意味) countryside; rural area
そのほか(に) (意味) besides; in addition to that
かんとう(ちほう) (意味) the Kanto Region
かんさい(ちほう) (意味) the Kansai Region
まわり (意味) surroundings; vicinity
はいる (意味) to be included; come in; get in; join
ないよう (意味) content
ちめい (意味) place name
めいぶつ (意味) well-known product; local speciality
かんけいがある (意味) to be related (to~); have some connection (to~)
でんとうてき(な) (意味) traditional
ぎょうじ (意味) event
とし (意味) year
とくべつ(な) (意味) special; particular
おこなう (意味) to conduct; carry out
(お)しょうがつ (意味) New Year's
そういう (意味) (things) like that; that sort of (story)
-たち (意味) [plural marker for people]
そんな (意味) such; like that
いっぱんてき(な) (意味) general; common
かみしばい (意味) a story told through pictures
え (意味) picture; painting
たいへん (意味) very; greatly
ほんとう(の) (意味) true; actual; real
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