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Lazoff-Start Year

Vocabulary from the Start of the Year for 7th Science at SMS

observing the use of senses to describe an object or environment
qualitative the description of an object using the senses
quantitative the description of an item using numbers measurements and counting
inferring using past experiences to name or describe something
predicting detailing what will happen in the future or during testing
evaluating deciding what is valid and helpful
questioning curiosity about a set of data or observations
communicating sharing results with other scientists (students)
experimenting testing to see if the hypothesis is correct
investigating examination of the data for accuracy
concluding stating if the hypothesis was correct and states the results of the experiment
accurate measuring and counting correctly
mass the measure of the amount of material that makes up an object
length the distance between two points (width, heigth, thickness are still length
volume the amount of space an object takes up
density the measure of the amount of material in a set space, determines if an object will sink or float.
estimate a guess, accuracy is based on experience, but is still a guess.
bias a preference in one direction or another, based on opinion and not fact
error incorrect data or value
standard the level of expectation of knowledge or skill
conversion the changing of one unit to another but still having the same value (100 cm = 1 m)
theory what most scientist agree to be the best explanation based upon what we know
Created by: slazoff