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Lifestyle Chemistry

What are some characteristics of Emulsions A mixture of two substances such as water and grease, that do not dissolve in each other. Two types include; oil-in-water, and water-in-oil. Usually some kind of chemical is needed to keep the emulsion stable, so they do not separate.
Define Suspension Mixtures that contain large particles that settle out and form distinct layers. e.g. flavoured milk and paint.
Define Colloids Cloudy mixtures that remain suspended for long periods of time.
Define Surface tension Refers to the forces experienced by particles at the surface of a liquid, they are cohesive. They cause liquids to form 'droplets.'
Define Surfactants Wetting agents that make normally immiscible substances mix.
Define Pharmaceuticals Chemical substances that alter the biomedical process in our bodies in ways in which lead to improvement in health.
Define Lubricant reduce friction and wear between surfaces, by helping them to move smoothly past each other.
Define Pesticides and give an example materials that are able to selectively kill an animal considered to be a pest. E.g. any of the three: insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides
Define Poisons toxic substance that have an effect on the body
Define Enzymes a biological catalyst found in living things that helps control chemical reactions that are taking place.
Define hydrophilic 'Water loving' substances pr part of a substance. Mixes well with water.
Define hydrophobic 'Water hating' substances or part of a substance. Does not mix well with water.
Define homogenous uniform in structure or composition throughout. as of a chemical mixture