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Geography quiz


Region of the United states Piedmont
Nation that Georgia is part of United states of america
Continent that the state of Georgia is part of North America
Two hemispheres that Georgia is located in Northern and Western
Region with the largest population Piedmont
Region known for Peanuts, peaches and pecans. Coastal Plain
Region known for it's cotton, soybeans, poultry and hardwood trees Piedmont
Smallest geographic region Appalachian Plateau
Region that receives most rainfall Blue ridge
Textile and carpet industries in Georgia are based in this region also known for grain,apples and cattle farms Ridge and valley
Largest freshwater wetland Okeefenokee swamp
River that is a natural boundary between GA and S.GA Savannah River
River that is a natural boundary between GA and AL Chattahoochee river
2 primary functions of the Savannah and Chattahoochee river We get drinking water; Hydro electricity
Tallest peak in Ga Blue ridge
Protects GA from wind, water, and sand coming from the Atlantic ocean Barrier Islands
Ga's climate; Helps make Ga a popular location for tourists people relocating from colder enviornments Chattahoochee
Not an economic activity for the Piedmont region Coal mining
Why is there so little farming in the Appalachian Plateau region Soil is too rocky
The fall line is... An natural border marked elevation difference
The Barrier islands protect Ga's coast from all of the following EXCEPT Mud slides
Water traveling over the Fall line is an excellent source of Power
The region in which GA is located is Southeastern region
Where does the headwaters of the Chattahoochee river begin Blue ridge
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