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Blue Book 2

U2 L13

Britannia: Britanniae Britain
durus: dura: durum harsh, hard
deploro: deplorare: deploravi complain about
pluit it is raining
solem: sol sun
Italia: Italiae Italy
redeo: redire: redii return, go back, come back
aqua: aquae water
bibo: bibere: bibi drink
foedus: foeda: foedum foul, horrible
pavimentum: pavimenti floor
lavo: lavare: lavi wash
laboro: laborare: laboravi work
fessus: fessa: fessum tired
advenio: advenire: adveni arrive
coniuratio: coniurationis plot, conspiracy
vulneratus: vulnerata: vulneratum wounded
possum: posse: potui can, be able
nolo: nolle: nolui not want, be unwilling, refuse
volo: velle: vocavi want
audax bold, daring
carnifex executioner
ceteri the others, the rest
custodio guard
conscius accomplice
coniuro plot, conspire
Cogidubnus Conidubnus (British ally of the Romans, appointed king under Emperor Claudius)
effodio dig
eludo slip past
extendo stretch out
manus hand
area courtyard
eques horseman
equus horse
erumpo break away
ferrum iron
gemini twins
facilis easy
hospes host, guest
metallum a mine
quamquam although
inutilis useless
itaque and so
ubi when, where
pugio dagger
venia mercy, forgiveness
peto head for, attack; seek, beg for, ask for
saevio be in a rage
innocens innocent
invitus unwilling, reluctant
se himself, herself, themselves
secum with him, with her, with them
instruo draw up
rex king
puer boy
puella girl
simulac as soon as
insolens rude, insolent
ille that, he, she, it
nomen name
vindico avenge
voco call
ordo row, line
supplicum death penalty
posco demand, ask for
nocens guilty
nonnulli some, several
retraho drag back
se recipere recover
punio punish
volo I want
nolo I do not want
possum I am able
Volo Latin Chart volo, vis, vult, volumus, vultis, volunt
Nolo Latin Chart nolo, non vis, non vult, nolumus, non vultis, nolunt
Possum Latin Chart poossum, potes, potest, possumus, potestis, possunt
ager field
seges crop, harvest
frumentum grain
horreum barn, granary
infero bring in/on
arator plowman
magister foreman
nonne? surely?
praesum be in charge of
ei to him, to her, to it
peritus skillful
solus alone, only, lonely, on one's own
res rustica the farming
curo take care of, supervise
simulac as soon as
hi these
fero bring, carry
ignavus lazy, cowardly
aedificium building
dirus dreadful, awful
taurus bull
animal animal
impetus attack
sum, esse, fui be
neglegens careless
Britanni Britons
Created by: rachelebrady



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