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Adult Health Nursing

Ch 3 Skin Diseases MEL

QuestionActionSide Effect
Silver Sulfadiazine / Silvadene Broad antimicrobial gram neg & pos Candida organism skin may develop slimy, grayish apperance, simulating infection despite neg cultures prolonged use causes skin rash & depress granuloctye formation
Pyrethrin / RID Pediculicide local irritation(do not use on eyebrows or eye lashes)
Acyclovir / Zovirax Herpes Antiviral topical: burning, rash, pruritus,stinging(use gloves,cover lesion completely) Systemic: headache, seizures, renal toxicity, phlebitis at IV site(ensure adequate hydration to prevent crystallization in the kidneys,admin IV dose for @least a hour)
Coal Tar / Ester-Gel / Psori-Gel / other treatment of pruritic dermatoses, including eczema and psoriasis Photosensitivity, dermatitis,allergic reactions (avoid exposure sunlight for 72 hrs after use, stains everything it touches,external use only)
Isotretinoin / Accutane Antiacne agent severe dryness of skin, mouth, eyes,mucous membranes,nose, & nails, skin fragility,epistaxis, joint,muscle,abdom pain,nausea(give drug during meals, don't give vit A, avoid exposure to sunlight; contraception is a must during therapy 1 mo b4 & after)
Bactroban / Mupirocin Impetigo Topical antibiotics
Aluminum Acetate solution / Burow's Solution Astringent local irritation, allergic reactions (do not use with occlusive dressings, external use only)
Silver Nitrate Bacteriostatic effect lessens pain & eliminates odor, reduces evaporative water loss from burns Electrolyte imbalance, stains everything, doesn't penetrate eschar, pain on application
Ativan / Lorazepam Herpes Zoster Tranquilizer, decrease anxiety
Lotrimin AF / Miconazole Antifungal
Griseofulvin / Fulvicin / Grisactin / Grifulvin Antifungal hypersensitivity reactions, photosensitivity, nausea, fatigue, mental confusion(Avoid sunlight, drug absorption increased when given with meals, clinical response may appear after full course of therapy
Mafenide / Sulfamylon Bacteriostatic against gram-neg & positive Penetrates thick eschar Metabolic Acidosis, Pain on application, Allergic rash
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