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Earth's Ocean/Atmos

Earth's Oceans and Atmosphere

Convection Current any movement of matter that results from differences in density; may be vertical, circular, or cyclical
Coriolis Effect the curving of the path of a moving object from an otherwise straight path due to Earth's rotation
Deep Current a stream-like movement of ocean water far below the surface
El Nino a periodic change in the ocean-atmosphere system in the equatorial Pacific; characterized by above average sea-surface temperatures across the Pacific Ocean
Global Wind the movement of air over Earth's surface in patterns that are worldwide
Jet Stream a narrow band of strong winds that blow in the upper troposphere
La Nina a periodic change in the ocean-atmosphere system in the equatorial Pacific; characterized by below average sea-surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean
Local Wind the movement of air over short distances; occurs in specific areas as a result of geographical features
Meteorology the scientific study of Earth's atmosphere, especially in relation to weather and climate
Ocean Current a movement of ocean water that follows a regular pattern
Station Model a pattern of meteorological symbols that represents the weather at a particular observing station and that is recorded on a weather map
Surface Current a horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by wind and occurs at or near the ocean's surface
Upwelling the movement of deep, cold and nutrient rich water to the surface
Weather Forecasting the process of predicting atmospheric conditions by collecting and analyzing atmospheric data
Weather the short term state of the atmosphere, including temperatures, humidity, precipitation, wind and visibility
Wind the movement of air caused by differences in air pressure
Created by: Mrs_Gore