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triplet's Sci 7-ch1

science the knowledge gained from the careful, systematic investigation of a natural world.
observation is information that a person has gained by using one or more of his five senses--sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.
inference logical conclusion.
universal negative is a statement that excludes everything - uses words such as all or none.
value judgement is a determination of the worth of something.
final answer is an answer that is absolutely true and therefor never needs to be rejected or revised.
scientism those who believe that science is the only way to learn about the world.
presupposition idea that a person takes for granted, something a person assumes to be true without be known by humans
worldview perspective from which you interpret all evidence in life.
Christian worldview holds that the bible is the Word of god and that is the only reliable thing in this world; consider the world through the lens of God's Word.
scientific method Organized way of arriving at a workable solution to a problem.
Dominion mandate rule over, but care for God's creations
fall mans first sin and the curse that resulted from that sin
hypothesis educated guess.
data information from observing experiments and conducting surveys- basic to the scientific method
survey collection of data obtained through observations of many existing entities
experiment a person attempts to control all if the conditions in two or more groups
experimental variable a factor that is changed in a experiment
experimental group the group that experience the factor in an experiment
control group the group that does not experience the factor in an experiment
classify involves grouping or sorting
verify to make sure that something is correct
List the steps of the Scientific Method 8 steps:Observe, Question, Research, Form hypothesis, Experiment, Analyze data, Conclusion, Publish
What is the difference between a verified answer and a final answer? a verified answer is the result of an experiment or survey- a final answer is absolutely true, science cannot provide final answers
Name 2 ways life science is related to God's work of redemption: 1. knowing science helps you to meet the needs of someone who is suffering; 2. a greater understanding about His world shows our love for GOD
What life science task did God give Adam after creation? Name the animals
Name 3 teachings of a Christian worldview: 1.the world is fallen and under curse of a sin;2. God is working to redeem the world;3.God made the world and everything in it
How did the Fall affect mankind? environmental problems, physical suffering, mentally (we don't value others as we should)
What did Goldberger find about pellagra/ a disease caused by poor diet not germs
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