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Female Reproductive

Female gonads - 2 almond shaped organs about 2" long Ovaries
Structure that ruptures to release mature egg Follicle
Follicle turns into this after ovulation Corpus luteum
It's cilia move ovum along and is the site of fertilization Fallopian Tube
A hollow pear shaped organ- 4 inches long and 2 inches wide Uterus
Small, rounded section of uterus on tip Fundus
A smooth muscular canal about 3 1/2 inches long Vagina
These folds line the vagina Rugae
2 Mucus producing glands - one on each side of vaginal opening Batholins
External part - includes the labia minora and labiamajora Vulva
Female erectile tissue Clitoris
External floor of the pelvis - between the vaginal opening and the anus Perineum
The muscular wall of the uterus Myometrium
Specialized endothelium lining the uterus Endometrium
The space between the vagina and the cervix Fornix
Usual day of ovulation for a 28 day cycle Fourteen
The mons pubis is they type of tissue Adipose
The mons pubis encases the junction of this bone Pubic
38 weeks is its average length Gestation
A fold of mucous membrane covering the vaginal orfice Hymen
The layer of the uterus expelled during menstration Endometrium
The part of the pituitary gland the produces FSH and LH Anterior
Colostrum is secreted by these glands Mammary
This process of cell division halves the number of chromosomes Meiosis
A fall in estrogen and progesterone and release of LH induces this Menstruation
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