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20140805 Yu, HSK4

情绪 mood, state of mind, moodiness qíngxù (名) noun 种
ancient, old, paleo-, (Chinese surname) gǔ (形) adjective
紫色 purple, violet (color) zǐsè (名) noun None
兔子 hare, rabbit tùzi (名) noun 只
创造 to create, to bring about, to produce, to set (a record) chuàngzào (动) verb 个
红领巾 red neckscarf, by extension, a member of the Young Pioneers hóng lǐngjīn (名) noun 条
让步 to concede, to give in, to yield, a concession ràngbù (动) verb
警戒 to warn, to be on the alert, to stand guard, sentinel jǐngjiè
diligent, industrious, hardworking, frequent, regular, constant qín
名副其实 not just in name only, but also in reality (idiom) míng fù qíshí (动) verb
减少 to lessen, to decrease, to reduce, to lower jiǎnshǎo (形) adjective
教授 professor, to instruct, to lecture on jiàoshòu (名) noun, (动) verb 个, 位
放暑假 summer vacation fàng shǔjià (名) noun
叶子 foliage, leaf yèzi (名) noun 片
专门 specialist, specialized, customized zhuānmén (名) noun, (形) adjective
辛苦 hard, exhausting, with much toil, thanks for your trouble xīnkǔ (形) adjective
小吃 snack, refreshments xiǎochī (名) noun 家
永远 forever, eternal yǒngyuǎn (副) adverb
来不及 there's not enough time (to do something), it's too late (to do something) lái bují
消息 news, information xiāoxi (名) noun 条
中 (形) adjective within, among, in, middle, center, while (doing something), during, (dialect) OK, all right, China, Chinese, (Chinese surname) zhōng (形) adjective
中 (形) adjective,(动) verb to hit (the mark), to be hit by, to suffer, to win (a prize, a lottery) zhòng (形) adjective,(动) verb
country, nation, state, national, (Chinese surname) guó (名) noun 个
说 (动) verb to speak, to say, to explain, to scold, to tell off, a theory (usually in compounds such as 日心说 heliocentric theory) shuō (动) verb
to persuade shuì
plural marker for pronouns, and nouns referring to individuals men (词尾) suffix
子 (名) noun son, child, seed, egg, small thing, 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat, Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位 zǐ (名) noun None
子 (词尾) suffix (noun suffix) zi (词尾) suffix
direction, way, road, path, principle, truth, morality, reason, skill,method, Daoism, speak, MW for thin things (river/crack), (wall/door), questions, commands, meal courses, process steps dào (名) noun, (动) verb, (量) measure word 条, 股
时 (名) noun, (形) adjective, (量) measure word o'clock, time, when, hour, season, period, (Chinese surname) shí (名) noun, (形) adjective, (量) measure word
to be born, to give birth, life, to grow, raw, uncooked, student shēng (形) adjective, (动) verb
以 (连) conjunction, (介) preposition to use, according to, so as to, by means of, in order to, by, with, because, abbr. for Israel 以色列 yǐ (连) conjunction, (介) preposition
to learn, to study, science, -ology xué (名) noun, (动) verb
可 (形) adjective, (副) adverb can, may, able to, to approve, to permit, to suit, (particle used for emphasis) certainly, very kě (形) adjective, (副) adverb
measure word for houses or buildings, ridgepole (old) dòng (名) noun, (量) measure word
干 (动) verb tree trunk, main part of something, to manage, to work, to do, capable, cadre, to kill (slang), to fuck (vulgar) gàn (动) verb
干 (形) adjective dry, clean, in vain, dried food, foster, adoptive, to ignore, (Chinese surname) gān (形) adjective
改进 to improve, to make better gǎijìn (动) verb 个
余地 margin, leeway yúdì
指望 to hope for something, to count on, hope zhǐwàng (名) noun, (形) adjective, (动) verb
短信 text message, SMS duǎnxìn (名) noun
到底 finally, in the end, when all is said and done, after all, to the end, to the last dàodǐ (形) adjective, (副) adverb
岛屿 island dǎoyǔ (名) noun
inside, inner, internal, within, interior nèi (名) noun
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