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Female Repro

Always performed after incomplete abortion D and C
Prior to pelvic exam always have patient ______ empty her bladder
What are characteristics of a malignant neoplasm in a breast on palpation? irregular and hard
What are risk factors for cervical cancer? Sex at young age, maternal history, HPV
Term for bleeding between periods metrorrhagia
Drains used for mastectomy Jackson-Pratt
Instructions for use of vaginal cream for yeast infection Insert full dose at bedtime
Breast enlargement surgery augmentation mammoplasty
There is an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy with this infection PID
The two most common causes of PID gonorrhea & chlamydia
An emergency situation of pregnancy outside of uterus ectopic pregnancy
The two hormones in BC pills estrogen & progesterone
The lower narrow portion of the uterus cervix
Tubal ligation is a form of what? contraception via sterilization
Ovulation occurs on which day of 28 day cycle fourteen
The average length of gestation 38 weeks
Male & female condoms and diaphragms are what type of BC? barrier methods
What does the fertilized egg attach to? the endometrium
What hormone is produced in the corpus luteum? progesterone
The LH surge occurs when? one day before period
Created by: shocklori