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MT Root Words (Ch-G)

root words

Root WordDefinitionExample
chol/e bile cholecystectomy
cholecyst/o gallbladder cholecystitis
chondr/o cartilage chondrocalcinosis
chori/o fetal covering chorioamnionitis
clavicul/o clavicle coccygeal
coccyg/o coccyx coccygeal
col/o colon colonoscopy
colp/o hollow/vagina colporrhaphy
cost/o rib costovertebral
crani/o cranium/skull craniocervical
cry/o cold cryotherapy
crypt/o hide/conceal cryptogenic
cutane/o skin subcutaneous
cyan/o blue cyanosis
cyst/o cyst/bladder cystitis
cyt/o (-cyte) cell plasmacytoma
cactyl/o finger/toe hexadactylism
dent/i dent/o teeth dental
derm/a dermat/o skin dermatitis
dextr/o right dextroscoliosis
dips/o thirst polydipsia
disc/o disc/disk discogenic
dist/o far/distant from origin distally
dors/o directed toward/on the back dorsal
duoden/o duodenum duodenal
ech/o sound echogram
electr/o electricity electrodermal
encephal/o brain encephalomalacia
enter/o intestine enterocolitis
erythr/o red erythrocyte
esophag/o esophagus esophageal
esthesi/o feeling anesthesia
femor/o femur femoral
fet/o fetus fetal
fibr/o fiber fibroma
fibul/o fibula fibulotibial
front/o forehead/front frontalis
galact/o milk galactorrhea
gastr/o stomach gastrectomy
genit/o genitals genitourinary
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