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unit 1

Leadership def process that's used to move a group toward goal setting and goal attainment
mentoring def an experienced nurse who will guide you thru the process of a new job
styles of leadership (4) authoritarian, democratic, laissez faire, situational
authoritarian def poor communicator, tells people what when and how to do everything, distrusts ppl, need to maintain control, doesn't allow employees to contribute or participate actively in work related decisions
democratic def participative style, includes all staff in decision making process, group members actively involved in setting goals, more likely to trust people b/c more confidence in themselves, good communicators, positive human relation skills, makes final decisions
laissez faire def allow them to do anything, leader allows group to do as they please resulting in chaos w/ little work being accomplished, b/c no guidance/direction people are unsure of what is expected of them
situational def use different styles of leadership in different situations; use most appropriate
qualities of a leader (6) maturity, open-minded, fair, consistent, responsible & strong character
team leading def assignments, guides & assists team members in performance of nursing procedures & tx for the pts; has responsibility for the activities of team members; liason with administration
duties & responsibilities of team leader (11) assignment, listen to report, meds, going to be interrupted, call Dr., getting info from t.m. thru out shift, need to prioritize, know policy/procedure, schedule care conference w/staff, know fire regulations, know disaster plans
duties & responsibilities of team leader (7) clear on narcotic count & how performed, charting, transcribing orders, coordinating work w/other depts., gather info & give report to other shift that's on coming, seek guidance & assistance when problems arise, fill out condition report
change of shift report (4) formal exchange of info between nurses exchanged in pt. care, ensures continuity of care, collect all info on pt, relay info from previous shift
info to be given in shift report includes (13) pts age, room #, name, physicians name, dx, nursing probs, general psych & physical conditions, tests procedures & surgeries scheduled, new therapies ordered, dietary & activity orders, discharge plan, info regarding family members
Talking to the Dr (7) always assume Dr doesn't know pts, identify self - name, title & facility, ask Dr name, identify pt, always have VS, med book & chart, lung sounds, assessment & glucose done, pencil & paper in hand, read back to Dr if med & do frequency & route
Delegation def transfer responsibility for the performance of selected nursing task from licensed nurse authorized to perform task to an individual who doesn't otherwise have the authority to perform the task
NPA def laws passed by state govt to control the practice of nursing in that state
SBON def has authority to interpret, implement & enforce laws governing nursing - DOESNT WRITE LAW
5 rights of delegation right task, right circumstance, right person, right direction/communication, right supervision
nursing tasks that cannot be delegated (7) pt assessment, health counseling, health teaching, a task that requires professional nursing judgment, any planning of nursing care, eval of pt response, med admin unless a specific law exists, authorizing an unlicensed person to do so
LPNs scope of practice determined by states nurse practice act (5) assist in implementing a defined POC, assessment skills that involves collecting data, may reinforce info that has been give by RN, competence to care for physiological stable pts w predictable conditions, UAP - delegate to non-invasive & non-sterile tx
critical thinking def controlled & purposeful & more likely to lead to beneficial results - aims to make judgments based on fact & principles of science
career ladder def refers to the concept that medical/nursing personnel should receive credit for past experiences and education
performance appraisal def ongoing eval of performance where you identify your own goals & makes plans for attaining those goals then eval your progress
Job opportunities (13) hospitals, nursing home/extended care, school nurse, dr office, industrial nursing, govt/VA, psych nursing, agency, private duty, prison, hospice, travel nurse, dialysis
Created by: breinard