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mental heath & substance abuse

patients w/ chronic progressive illness are more prone to ? depression & suicide
REBT therapy states that ppl are accepted ? Unconditionally
________ therapy enforces that we can't change the past & nee to develop socially acceptable behavior Reality
the major concern for psychiatric patients is ? safety
_____ being easily _____ & having flashbacks care common in ________ Hypervigilence /startled/ PTSD
phobia of open spaces Agoraphobia
frequently associated w/ self-injury boarder line personality disorder
personality disorder lack empathy, have a need for admiration & have a sense of entitlement narcissitic
lack social relationships & a range of emotions Anit-social / Schizoid
could include racing thoughts & forced speech mania
displays a depressed mood for 2 yrs dysthymia
patients w/ disturbed sleep, depressed mood & thoughts of death may be suffering from major depressive disorder
psychiatric syndrome Axis l
personality disorders & mental retardation Axis ll
general medical conditions Axis lll
psychological & environmental prolems Axis lV
global assessment of functioning Axis V
patient refusing to discuss an issue is using __________ as a defense mechanism avoidance / repression
patients taking neuroleptics may develop ticks such as lip smacking... know as? Tardive Dyskinesia
personality disorder engages in attention seeking behavior historionic
patient w/________personality disorder has a history of unstable relationships boarder line personality
personality disorder characterized by discomfort w/interpersonal relationships schiziod
patient w/social inhibitions, feelings of inadequacy,& hypersensitivity to negative evalution may be diagnosed w/_________ advoident personality disodered
______ are ritualistic or repetitive behaviors that a person carries out continuously compulsion
occurs when a person inflicts illness or injury on someone else to gain attention Munchhausen by proxy
uncontrolled repeating of another persons words echolalia
The involuntary imitation of the movements of another person echopraxia
refusing to speak, unable to speak in certain social situations mutism
fixed body posture, statue like catalepsy
loss of interest in pleasurable activites anhedonia
manic patients may benefit from a reduction in environmental stimulants
life-threatening reaction , related to neuroleptic medications, exhibited by rigidity,fever,diaphoresis & altered LOC NMS
reaction formation involves using ______ behavior from what would be expected for a given situation opposite
clients suffering from mental illness have a higher incidence of_______& the nurse should watch for ______ symptoms upon admission substance abuse / withdrawal
Frantic and compulsive behavior unable to control ones self, associated with meth tweaking
tactile hallucination, is an abnormal skin sensation similar to that of insects crawling over or within the skin. formication
sensations that appear real but are created by your mind. They can affect all five of your senses. hullucinations
severe form of alcohol withdrawal that involves sudden and severe mental or nervous system changes./ the shakes etc... delirium tremens
______ usually family , spouses may have a difficult time accepting that the disease of abuse is bad but not the addict him self is bad enablers
tremors are part of the autonomic ________ process during withdrawal hyperactivity
______is the legal limit for alcohol blood level 0.08
always position patients on their _____ due to possible N/V associated w/withdrawal side
detox & depressed patents have a high risk for suicided
knowing what time the patient's ______was will help to monitor withdrawal last drink
treating pain of the drug or alcohol abuser is more difficult b/c they have built up_________ to many pain meds tolerance
if no one ______, addiction continues intervenes
chemical dependency can lead to mental disorders
a stage 3 withdrawal sign of severe intoxication delirium tremens
during the first stage of withdrawal the nurse may notice_______ in the hands tremors
the onset of withdrawal symptoms for an alcoholic will usually start_______from the last drink 12-18 hrs
a drug that can be given for alcohol withdrawal & other substances containing alcohol should be antabuse / avoided
the two most important nursing observation when a patient arrives to the ER intoxicated are Resp status & LOC
monitoring ______ is important during detox liver function
the most commonly used drug for tremors & seizures during detox ativan
both the family & patients need ______ for addiction counseling
a________ is usually hung for a client admitted for alcohol abuse to maintain nutrition banana bag
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