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If you took an educated guess at how many M&Ms were in a jar, you would be making a(n) estimate
A substance's buoyancy is based on density
In a mixture of oil and water. What is on top? oil
Where are marine animals found salt water
When designing an ecofriendly house that maintains a steady temperature, an architect will consider color
Name a biotic factor? anything alive
What is the smallest unit of ecological organization? organism
Name a natural force that limits seed dispersion. topography
What energy role is cheetah? carnivore
Metal, paper, and plastic are all... recylcable
What % of the US's energy demand is met by fossil fuels? 82%
What would be the best technique for estimating the population of corn plants on a 5-acre farm? sampling
Name some things a barn owl might consume. mouse, mole, vole, shrew, rat, gopher
What happens to a characteristic that helps an animal survive over time? become more common
What is the process called where favorable characteristics increase in a population over generations? natural selection
What is the name of an old Native American fishing technique that uses a net? seining
What do we call water that is a mixture of fresh water and salt water? brackish
This what is the only level of organization that includes both the biotic and abiotic factors? ecosystem
What do overlapping food chains create? food web
What kind of resource is solar energy? renewable
Which of the energy roles is considered nature's recyclers? decomposers
When considering predators and prey, which population must be more abundant? prey
What recycled material can be used to make fiberglass, tiles, bricks, and reflective paint? glass
What are some possible reasons for a decrease in an animal population? disease, loss of food supply, increase in predator population, destroyed habitat
What do we call physical characteristics that that help an animal survive? adaptations
Name things that an animal needs to live that comes from its environment? oxygen, water, food, shelter
Name 3 abiotic factors that need to be filtered from water to make it drinkable might be.... dirt, sand, styrofoam, paper
What are abiotic factors? non-living parts of the environment
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